Vegetable Soup

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 Another winter recipe which is easy to make and healthy too.


 TIME: 60min

 DIFFICULTY: difficulty-3


 -3 squashes

 -2 potatoes

 -4 carrots


 -1 onion

 -450kg mushrooms

 -½ glass rice for soup


 -pepper (spice)

 -3 tomatoes


  Cut all of the vegetables thin, except from the celery, the lemon and the tomatoes, after washing them well.


 Put them into a pot and fill the ¾ of the pot with water and the celery. Boil at medium heat, until the vegetables become softer. Add salt and pepper.  Put the tomatoes into a blender. Put their juice into the pot and stir for about 5 minutes.

 Add the rice and continue stirring.

 Your soup is ready to serve!


 By: VeganHedgehog

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