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 I’m back!

 January and the last week of December were tough for the staff of Veganville City and especially for me. What started as a great month, full of potential, ended up becoming a nightmare (which is probably the most polite way to describe it, believe me!)

 So how was your January? I certainly wish it was cooler and less stressful than mine, as what you are going to read will explain where I had been all this time and what was really going on. I received tones of mails asking me what had happened and if I was still going to continue uploading videos, articles and recipes and anything else you had been loving all this time.

 First of all: I will never quit! The purpose of this web-page was to educate people into veganism. A way for newcomers to get to know veganism in an easy way, a way for non-vegans to understand the reason of our compassion and a way for those already being vegan to find new things to read about and maybe even learn something they did not know, or even tell their opinion to the rest of the world, through the web-page and begin a conversation with other people around the world. It was also a place where people could inform others about pets and animals in danger, missing or being abused, for reporting violence against animals and for requesting assistance on treating an injured animal or generally an animal in need. As long as that purpose exists, there is clearly no reason for me to give up.


 Where had VeganHedgehog been?

 I never left. However a list of unlucky events came in the horizon, making me take a short brake, since practically there was no way I could work on the page.

 Most of you might remember when, during the first weekend of the last week of 2016 I uploaded my new book. The book itself was fine, but the servers were not. Due to huge concentration of viewers, visiting the page, the servers were unable to hold that great a number and were continuously crashing, resulting in us being unable to access the page. The site was restored three times in total on the old server hosting! During the first three days of that week, I received more than a hundred of emails from people asking about where the book had gone and why I had shut down the page. Especially the first of these three days, when I woke up and read the first messages, I was totally surprised and didn’t know what was going on. I replied to everyone, explaining that the pages would be back on and that I would need some time, apologizing in the mean time for the inconvenience.

 After being given a temporal hosting on another server, I immediately started working, as right now that’s what’s going on. The page will be moved on another hosting as of Monday and that being done, will guarantee less problems and more enjoyable and faster hosting both for me and for the visitors of the site.


 PrERASE. Will we get to read it?

 PrERASE was my first book to be contributed on the internet and my first-ever effort to get something published. As I previously mentioned, luck was not on my side, but that turned into an opportunity to buy a new domain for every book (referring to veganism or not) that I am going to publish in the future. You can find PrERASE on as of today and (of course), you can get your copy for free, as you could before! Pity the winter break is over, as it was actually intended to be viewed during the holidays.


 Other projects?

 Mentioning that December left, leaving dozens of new problems, I did not only mean the book not being able to be distributed at that time. Here is a list of a few projects that had been planned to be distributed during Christmas time. This does not only include recipes, but also an article about a restaurant, on which I wrote a review, trying to begin a new chapter in Veganville City and start reviewing places or letting you review a place and let the world know, or even invite me to review a place. Another project that had to be abandoned for next Christmas (I suppose), was a video of the mascot of Veganville City (the Hedgehog), as well as his friends (other animals), singing the carols for other vegan youtubers. Of course, it’s a little too late for that, so both youtubers and vegan youtubers will enjoy 2 videos next year, as for now, I will focus on bringing out other videos (including a documentary – looks like  I used my free time to do a few things after all!)


 Why this article?

 The purpose of this article was to inform you that you needn’t worry about either me, the staff or the concept of the page, as we will continue and work harder than ever! I decided that this article should reach the world that actively supports us, since we ought them an apology for not being able to accompany them during Christmas and to inform them about the problems we faced. That’s the least we could do for those supporting and counting on us. However, the page has faced huge depletion, as being inactive for more than 3 weeks, has resulted in degrading from its position and being harder to reach for our viewers, which also means that the book will probably be forgotten by now by those that had been expecting it and it will have to be shared between people for once more. We will need your help, if we are going to claim back our throne and be re-introduced to the world.


 How can I help?

 All you have to do is simply do what you had been doing all this time: ENJOY THE FUNCTIONS OF THE PAGE!

 There is really not much more you should do, but reading anything that might interest you and sharing it with others if you find it interesting and helpful. As for the book, it would be truly appreciated if you read it and share it with others. Since it’s being distributed for free, that means the only cost you might actually have is a few clicks on your mouse, a few minutes to share it with others that might be interested into reading it and probably a couple of evenings or spare time to read it and inform me whether you would like a sequel to it or another story, which will help me with my future books, knowing what you would actually want from me. Of course you do not have to do any of that, if you feel like not doing it! After all, the greater problems we had been facing have thankfully disappeared for now! However, your contribution as a fanbase and your support to us so far is appreciated and you are the reason this page is still alive and getting better and better every day! You and the same goal we share as vegans: to see animals finally being treated as equals to us! So long as animals need our help and us being united and so long as there is a need for this page to be helping out people that need to find vegan-related stuff that they actually need to read or view, this page will be up and running without a moment of rest!


 Ending this article: I should thank all of you out there for keeping in touch with us and getting informed during winter time for the progress of the web-page, as long as we were trying to find a solution and also for your patience, which gave us the time we needed to fix every problem.


By: VeganHedgehog

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