“Vegantine’s Day” – Tips for Cool Gifts!

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 With Valentine’s Day, almost a step away, you might be considering of spending some time with the one important to you and probably that includes exchanging gifts. It’s fine, so long as they are not a result of animal cruelty. Anxious about what to do and how? Not to worry! Today’s article is all about giving you some cool ideas for gifts. In this article we will ONLY be discussing ideas, so if you are looking for tips as to HOW to make a gift on your own, you’d better go back to our Make It On Your Own section!



 1. No Flowers:

 First of all, it should be crystal clear, that cutting down flowers is obviously not an eco-friendly way to show your love to someone! It might have been considered sweet over the years and indeed it CAN be eco-friendly (if you put the flowers into a flower pot), however, giving an animal or a flower as a gift to someone, is almost the same as enslaving someone and bringing them along as a gift to somebody else.


 2. Vegan Sweets:

 Flavor always beats almost everything else, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, especially if you have a good taste that could obviously be liked by the one you want to offer the sweets to. You can either order some healthy gluten-free vegan sweets and ask for a cool wrapping, or (recommended if can cook), make your own sweets and create something marvelous! I can already imagine the sour taste of the blueberries, mixed with the sweetness of the bananas and the strawberries and getting mixed with coconut and hazelnut milk, getting chilled and solid and finally being “balled” and placed on the top of the fruit pie. Again, it should be mentioned that this article is not about any recipe in particular, so if you are looking for any recipe, check our recipes section! 


 3. Vegan Stuffed (Toy) Animals:

 Sometimes, the hug of a warm buddy can more than surpass anything else! Just make sure that the stuffed animal you are buying does not contain any ingredients coming from animal cruelty. To make sure that the toys you are getting are cruelty-free, check their labels of course. We also took the liberty of finding a few sites that could provide a wide list of toys for you to chose from, in order for you to find what you’re looking for easier. Starting with Cafe Press , you can find a list of vegan toys that look cute and definitely can make a great Valentine’s Day gift. You could also take a look at RePlay Recycled , where you could find a huge list of toys.


 4. Origami:

 Why stay fully traditional when you can get creative and make their room look cooler with some origami creations? Origami can be recycled at any time, so you needn’t worry about the ecosystem. They are colorful and could definitely look sweet.


 5. Poetry & Literature:

 Boy-oh don’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming! It’s not the most recommended gift, in case you have no idea of literature, or the one you care about and love hates poetry, but if you’re like me, books of poetry could be warmly appreciated (just make sure you DON’T say: “Hey… on second thought… mind if I borrow the book?”, or you’ll end up being kicked out of the house like Donald Duck and watching the book touching down towards your head. It’s fine if you love literature, I do too, but don’t mention that you would love to take a look at the book you bought for the ones you love on the same day that you gift it to them, but instead, either hope that you might read it on a rainy evening, drinking some hot chocolate, or that your loved ones will know your love towards literature and buy you a cool book so that you don’t feel the need to read the one you gave to them. Also be advised that my books have absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day up till now, so despite my artist name, I don’t write poetry books… yet).


 6. A combination of the above (?)

 Why not try to be more creative this year and maybe improvise a little? Use your imagination and sure you’ll do just fine! Just remember, it’s not all about the present but about caring so having that in mind will help you make the best gift.


 These were some of the best tips and ideas we could think of and hope they were of help to you all. For more articles regarding any matter you might be interested in, visit our articles section or browse our site at your leisure!


 By: VeganHedgehog

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