Vegan Tzatziki Sauce

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 For the lovers of garlic, tzatziki sauce is a traditional Greek recipe, mixing the silky, creamy pleasure of yoghurt, with the intense taste of cucumbers and garlic. Unfortunately, the traditional recipe is consisted of yoghurt, which is non dairy-free. Not to worry though, as this recipe will show you exactly how to make your very own homemade tzatziki sauce and enjoy it at home with friends and family. One more thing that should be said as well, is that this vegan version of the tzatziki sauce is healthier, as it contains less calories and fat than the original tzatziki sauce (athletes will know the relief). Garlic is important for health and in fact, in the ancient times, people used it as a medicine to aid their heart, or improve their sexual performance.


 Garlic is known for lowering the pump pressure, so do not overdo it, while eating this sauce. It’s a tasty sauce and a really good natural medicine, but like ALL things in nature, having modesty is needed, as greed can only give out negative results!

 This is not a full meal, although it can be eaten alone, used as a dip or as a means of accompanying almost any salty dish you make. For this recipe, no indication about the servings it can give out are being given, as there is no certain indication. However, if we were to count approximately how many servings our ingredients would give out, then 4 to 6 would be a good guess.

 TIME: 20min



  -4 cucumbers

 -1 teaspoon salt

 -2 cups soy yoghurt (500 grams)

 -4 cloves of garlic

 -juice from 1 lemon

 -2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

 -1 teaspoon mint

 -1 teaspoon dill

 -1 teaspoon black pepper (spice)


 Wash, clean, peal and grate your cucumbers. Add 1 teaspoon of salt and set aside for 10 minutes. Place the cucumbers in a towel and drain them to squeeze as much liquid as you can.

 Take a bowl and place the cucumbers and the soy yoghurt inside. Add every other ingredient listed above. and start stirring the mixture up (HINT: The more intense your stirring, the tastier the sauce).  vegan-tzatziki-3

 Leave the mixture into the fridge for 4 hours.

 Your Tzatziki Sauce is ready to serve.


 By: VeganHedgehog


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