Vegan Rice Milk Ice Cream Protein Balls

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Vegan Rice Milk Ice Cream Protein Balls



 One of the best tips for the average Vegan crossfitter is to eat fluently. Of course, sometimes a guilty and cruelty free sweet sounds like a dream to most of the newbie Vegan athletes, however that’s what we’re here for!

 These protein balls contain anything an athlete needs and are the best post workout snack you could ever hope for. 


 TIME: 75min*





 -1/2 (aprox. 170g) cup vegan** rice powder for babies 

 -1/2 cup Rice Milk

 -1 teaspoon agave/maple syrup***

 -1 teaspoon peanut butter

 -6 raspberries 



 The ingredients featured above are the basic ingredients you will need for your delicious Protein Rice Balls. However, you could also add some cocoa or coffee powder, some cereal or even substitute the peanut butter for some Vegan WHEY/protein powder, although peanut butter is probably one of the greatest sources of protein and a great 100% natural WHEY powder substitute. The steps you will follow are also really simple, so there is not much you need to know about cooking.

 Put your rice powder in a bowl and add your milk. stir with a spoon, until the mixture turns into a mush (to achieve better results, you can add some more rice powder, in order to make your mixture more solid).

 Add the peanut butter and the maple or agave syrup into the bowl and continue stirring. Finally add the raspberries or any other ingredient of your choice**** and start baking the mixture with your hands.

 Shape your mush into 4 balls and put them on a plate.

 Freeze for 1 hour in your refrigerator (-30 to -40°C)


 Your Vegan Rice Milk Ice Cream Protein Balls are ready!




 By: VeganHedgehog


*It might need a little more time, in case you want your ice cream balls to cool down even more. You can also let it into your refrigerator for only 30 minutes, in case you don’t want your protein balls too cold or just eat them up right after shaping them, in case you don’t want them cold at all. 

**Rice Powder in general IS Vegan. However, there have been some rare cases, in which it’s mixed with non vegan ingredients, such as dairy milk, mostly when it comes to rice powder for babies. The occasion itself is hilariously rare, but you are advised to check the labels before buying it.

 ***Use one of those two, or half a teaspoon of both.

****In case you decide using coffee or cocoa powder, make sure to add a little more milk, in order for the powder to be dissolved.







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