Vegan Pizza Muffins & Creamy Coleslaw Salad

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An interesting idea for everyone! These muffins might be small, but their taste, more than makes up for their size, as you can taste a whole vegan pizza, while simply eating one of them. The salad is an optional adding to the dish, which will give even more flavor.



TIME: 60min




(For the Muffins)

-150g flour

-10g baking powder

-150ml soy milk

-50ml cotton seed oil

-¼ cup linseed gel (egg replacer)

-40g nutritional yeast powder**

-1 tomato

-4 small mushrooms

-1 green belly pepper

-2 small red hot chilli peppers

-1 small zucchini

-1 glove garlic

-½ onion

-½ teaspoon salt

-¼ teaspoon sugar

-1 pinch of oregano (spice)


(For the Coleslaw Salad)

-100g vegan soy yoghurt

-2 tablespoons vegan mayo

-1 tablespoon vinegar

-½ teaspoon salt

-½ teaspoon sugar

-¼ cabbage

-2 small carrots

-1 bunch celery



It would admittedly be easier to start with the dough, but this is not the procedure you are going to take! Instead, you will cut the tomato, the zucchini, the mushrooms, the peppers and the onion into really small pieces. They are ready for your dough, once you bake it right after this step, although in order to make them even more tasty, you can follow one more optional step, which is to take all of these ingredients, except from the tomato and fry them in a small saucer or frying pan in high temperature heat for 2-3 minutes. This will make their taste heavier and add more flavor to the whole dish. Take the rest of the ingredients for the pizza muffin and start baking your dough into a big bowl, except from the nutritional yeast powder.

Once the dough has become solid, add the rest of the ingredients. Make small balls, out of your dough and place them on a well oiled platter. Make sure the size of each ball is similar to the others. If you want to make your muffins have a more muffin-like shape, you can use special shapers and put them on your platter afterwards, but this is completely optional. Put the platter into the oven and let the muffins be heated under high temperature heat for about 35-40minutes.

The salad will take you up to 10 minutes to prepare, so while having your muffins baked into the oven, you can start taking care of it. Cut down the celery and the cabbage into small pieces and grind the carrots. Take the rest of your ingredients into a bowl and mix them. (You can also shake them into a blender optionally and also add the celery the cabbage and the carrots and shake them as well, but this will make your carrots be completely smashed, so this is NOT recommended, as your mixture will not look as good). Use a tablespoon to mix all of your ingredients into your bowl with fast movements. The mixture will start being thicker. Add the cabbage, the celery and the carrots and mix them good, so as for these last 3 ingredients to be fully mixed with the rest of the mixture.

Your Pizza Muffins and Salad are ready!




Special thanks to: Konstantina Peyou, who shared her awesome recipe with me. You can visit her profile and view more of her recipes!



*The Muffins that will come out of the oven will be about 20. This means that if you divide them, that will make 5 serves. By making smaller muffins, you could possibly achieve more serves, or less, if you decided to make bigger muffins out of your dough, so the number is completely demonstrative, based on what I got out of my dough.

**This is an optional amount of nutritional yeast powder to use for your muffins. If you want your muffins to taste “cheesier”, you will have to use more than the indicated amount.


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