Vegan Mushroom Gyro

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Vegan Mushroom Gyro


 You don’t have to miss the pleasure of a juicy gyro while you can make it at home by using everyday materials such as mushrooms. This recipe will give you all the details on how to create your very own vegan and cruelty-free gyro, using mushrooms. Special thanks should be given to chef- Despoina Moschovaki, whom I have been working with over the last month, on our cooking show


 TIME: 35 min





 -500g pleurotus mushrooms

 -2 teaspoons mixed gyro spice

 -1 tablespoon salt

 -1 small potato

 -1 small onion

 -1 tomato

 -2 teaspoons olive oil



 The best part about vegan cooking is that about 70% of the times, cooking a meal is a lot easier and faster than making a non vegan meal. Start by slicing your mushrooms into thin pieces, right after you wash them. Once you’re done, put them into a big bowl and add salt and the spices. Make sure that the spices and the salt will get to every part of your mushrooms.

 Add the olive oil into a frying pan and add your mushrooms inside. Fry for about 15 minutes.

 Clean and slice your potatoes into small and straight slices. Put them into a frying pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and fry them for about 10 minutes. 

 Slice your tomato and your onion. 

 Put all of your ingredients on a plate. You can optionally add some vegan tzatziki or any other add-on you might think suits this dish the most.

 Your vegan gyro is ready.




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