Vegan Greek Easter Soup

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Vegan Greek Easter Soup


 Greek Easter Soup, or else Mageiritsa (Magiritsa) is a traditional religious food people eat during the Easter celebration. The original version is far from vegan, although we are here to show the world how any food can go vegan, if one has the will to do so.


 TIME: 65min





 -250g lettuce

 -1 bunch of dill

 -250g onion

 -4 green onions

 -250g rice

 -500g Portobello Mushrooms

 -½ glass of cooking wine

 -1 teaspoon salt

 -½ teaspoon pepper

 -1 tablespoon flour

 -2 shot glasses of lemon juice

 -1 tablespoon of oil



 Start by washing and slicing your mushrooms into big pieces. Put them into the oven and bake them for 35 minutes.

 Brown the green onions into a pot. Add the rest of the vegetables (along with the mushrooms) and boil for 30 minutes, after adding enough water.

 Add flour carefully, using a  strainer and add the lemon juice as well. After adding the rice, continue boiling for another 15 minutes 

 Your Vegan Greek Easter Soup is ready.




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