List of Vegan-Friendly Cities to Visit on Valentine’s Day: Vegan Guide for 2017

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 During Valentine’s Day, you might want to impress your loved one or spend some quality time and relax together, by taking a few days of work. Here is a list of the BEST, MOST romantic and MOST vegan-friendly destinations you could go on vacation and have a really great time. The purpose of this article is to inform you about a great number of destinations with romantic scenery that you can visit and offer you a guide with restaurants (mostly) and locations you should definitely visit while being there.

 It SHOULD be mentioned that this is NOT a top 10, or a written form of the latest video on our channel regarding (almost) the same topic. Instead, it’s a complete guide of romantic, interesting and at the same time vegan-friendly places that you could visit on Valentine’s Day, for the year 2017. In case you have not yet seen the video and would like to view it now, you can find it here.


 Why both a video and an article?

 Mentioning ALL of the destinations in just one video would be almost impossible, as the video was a list of the TOP 10 recommended destinations. Also, bare in mind that giving a full guide of restaurants and locations for each destination would result in a really long and tiring video. Instead, it was decided that an article would be created, offering some great ideas about holiday destinations to visit on Valentine’s Day. Also, in case you didn’t notice, this article refers ONLY to cities, meaning that it differs quite much from the video.


 Without saying more, let us move on and head to the cities that were picked for the list:


 Marseille (FR):

 A really interesting place to visit, with a soft Mediterranean flavor. In case you want to visit a small quiet town with nice sceneries and a huge variety of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. First, you might want to visit Grain de Sable, a restaurant that has gained a fair great amount of positive critics. It’s a vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant, providing a different menu each week, making sure it never gets dull and always stays as a remarkable example of how rich a vegetarian and vegan cuisine can be. Another great place that offers a variety of vegan-friendly dishes is Country Life, which also gives you the opportunity of buying vegan and gluten free products and (the best part probably), a Dr. Hauschka beauty institute that uses only organic products operates just above the restaurant. How convenient!

 You might want to take a walk right after eating, so the beaches of Marseille are a great advice for all of you who want to watch the waves, or you can take a romantic walk at the Old Port and watch the boats. That’s not all though! For art lovers, the Musee des Beaux-Arts (of Marseille) is a great option. It would be a great idea to visit Le Palais Longchamp, Le Palais du Pharo and Le château d’If.

 Leaving without having a coffee at Marseille would be more than a huge mistake! Visit Green Bear Coffee and get lost in the smooth and tasty flavor of their coffees.


 Paris (FR):

 Paris is another destination you should definitely visit on 2017 if you’re planning a holiday trip for Valentine’s Day. Speaking about its monuments is probably needless, as the museum of Louvre and the Eifel Tower are two of the greatest landmarks globally! However, there are yet many places for you to discover in Paris and places you’d probably never heard of! For those that appreciate great architecture, the Hôtel de Ville – City Hall is a good place to start, right after enjoying their morning coffee or iced tea at Brasserie LOLA, a vegan brasserie (= French type of restaurant with a relaxed setting, mostly offering single dishes, as well as a variety of drinks) that located at rue du Théâtre, that will leave you more than satisfied with its variety. Alternatively, you can visit Café Ginger, which has also received a great amount of positive critics and offers a great variety of gluten-free products too! One of the BEST dishes you could order there, while enjoying your drink, is probably the cheese-less cake with green citrus and coconut (which I should inform you is quite delicious).

 With such a beautiful park, as Park Floral, you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to do some yoga or have a picnic with your loved one, right after visiting the attractions and restaurants above. It could also be a nice way for you to “pop the question”, while being at the park. 

 Hungry and looking for a nice place to eat during lunch time? Visit Le Centre Tout Naturallement, a great and quiet restaurant, part of a center of naturopathy, serving seasonal vegan food! In case you are looking for something a little more casual, visiting Hank Vegan Pizza or Hank Vegan Burger is EXTREMELY recommended. The Gentle Gourmet, is also a highly recommended restaurant, that had been mentioned by many of our readers, as it mixes the authenticity of traditional Mediterranean and French kitchen, with Veganism, doing great, judging from the readers’ opinion. Another great restaurants to visit are the Loving Hut (which you probably have heard of, as it’s part of an international vegan restaurant chain), 42 Degres, an all-raw vegan restaurant that has been praised for its quality and is a great solution for raw vegans. Green Rainbow SHOULD be mentioned as well, as once a month, it donates to local associations, which is definitely nice of them. Be sure to have your mobile phone connected on the internet, as their menu is posted on facebook, in case you want to take a look at it before visiting, since their menu changes every week, offering a variety.

 Of course, your night walk should include visiting the Eifel Tower, as it’s one of the most romantic destinations that hundreds of thousands of couples visit each year on Valentine’s Day! 


 London-England (UK):

 The country where the Vegan Society was formed is a great place to visit if you are not lucky enough to live there already. Especially London, is a place that -in its very own way- sparks romance in every part of it. Some might consider rain to be a major drawback, as rain will probably not let them enjoy themselves and will make them feel quite depressed, however this picture can probably prove them wrong!

 London is definitely romantic and a vegan paradise, as you will find out, while visiting. The home of Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and Lara Croft has its own charm, both day and night. Let us take a quick “virtual” tour, by viewing together some of the greatest places that should be visited by you and your loved one, in case you pick London as the destination of your V-Day’s trip, shall we?

 First of all, it’s important to clarify that a great number of London’s landmarks that are or aren’t listed in this article can be visited for free, or for a discounted price, should you have a London Pass.

 Now, the first thing, you would definitely want to see (and this is not exactly an attraction), is the famous metro of London that you had always been hearing of or watching in films. Best take the metro, while it’s still early in the morning, before sunrise and get off at London Bridge, walk all the way to the Shard (0,2 miles away from the station), make your way to the roof and see the city getting filled with life, as the sun rises and uncovers the beauty of the city. Again, in case it’s raining, don’t worry, it’s not like you are not going to enjoy yourself!

 Next, you should probably take the Hip on Hop tour bus and get a tour around London, as it’s probably the best way to see a great number of landmarks. Your next stop, should be the Warner Bros. Studio, where you can have a guided tour over the sets and the studios where the H.P. movies were filmed, including the Great Hall, in case you and your loved one are big Harry Potter fans (and by the way, remember that you could use great pick-up lines, using your creativity and your imagination, mixed with the scenario of the films and remember three basic things: Amortenia Love Potion, Expelliarmus and… Magic).

 Regarding lunch, London offers a huge variety of restaurants. You don’t have to arrive there at lunch time. Take your time to rest for a while and visit them early in the evening! Our first recommendation is Manna, a once vegetarian and now fully vegan restaurant where dishes from around the world are served with a great presentation as well, meaning they don’t only taste great, but look gorgeous too. Of course the Loving Hut is highly recommended, while the Vanilla Black is THE restaurant you would like to go to in case you wanted to make a great impression, as it’s one of the most glamourous vegan restaurants with a great variety of delicious vegan dishes. Raw vegans will also have the chance of visiting Nama-Artisan Raw Foods which has gained an amount of good critics, being recommended by many. 222 Veggie Vegan, also known as 222 is also recommended and is probably one of the most famous vegan restaurants in London, as it’s constantly being praised by reviewers.

 Before leaving London, you should spend the rest of your evening wisely! Visit the Eye of London and view the city, as it starts being covered by the night sky, while its own internal sunlight, the lights of every street lamp and building begin turning on and as the moon starts appearing.


 Edinburgh-Scotland (UK):

 Edinburgh has been recognized as UK’s MOST vegan-friendly city and that’s not a lie, since Scottish people have a really big interest towards nature. And since it’s nature we are talking about, Scotland mixes nature with fun. So where can you find romantic and vegan-friendly sceneries and restaurants, should you decide to visit Scotland? The National Museum of Scotland and the 3 National Galleries of Scotland are a great way to begin exploring and having fun, right after having a warm, tasty and magnificent breakfast at Hendersons. For vintage lovers, like me, the Museum of Childhood is a really great place to visit, right after you’re done with the Galleries and the National Museum of course (or actually know what? Go straight there! Kidding!) This museum contains a variety of games that will probably remind them what childhood was like and could probably share their stories with their loved ones, about how often they would be covered in mud after having a great bicycle ride early in the evening (and for those that have asked me whether some of the recommendations I make, or the things I say have to do with my childhood or things I have lived to remember, being covered in mud and racing my friends, riding our bikes is indeed a part of my childhood). Don’t feel embarrassed of sharing your story with the one you love, about how different you were as a child. It’s always an interesting topic to pick and talk about. 

 Sightseeing all day will probably tire you up, so take some time to relax and enjoy a decent vegan meal at one of the many vegan restaurants across town. The list is big, so don’t say that you weren’t warned after information starts appearing in front of your eyes! For those that are looking for a romantic and fancy place to go to, David Bann is probably the place you are looking for! You know me pretty well, so you can guess ONE (and I say ONE) reason I would go there and never leave: Hot apple and cinnamon tart! I am not going to make any other spoilers about this dish to you, so find the rest out yourselves! In case you love food as much as you love people (*coughs* that would obviously be me), then maybe the phrase: “all-you-can-eat lunchtime buffet will play a very important factor in choosing the place you will eat at. In that case, Kalpna is the place you’re looking for, providing a huge variety of vegan meat-free food from India. For those who value pizza more than poetry cards, La Favorita is the place for you! Having been praised for their meals and having won quite many awards, the Crolla family welcome you to their pizzeria to taste one of their many great dishes. The next most recommended place is a place you could usually find me at. Yes, a pub! I love pubs. In case you love pubs too, you know that hanging in pubs is a really pleasant experience and quite vintage as well. And since a vegan pub is twice as appealing as any other pub, try out The Auld House (and let’s hope that soon my favorite pub next to my house will turn vegan, providing a menu as great as the one at the Auld House, as honestly their menu is out of this world!) 

 Filling your batteries and being ready to explore the rest of Edinburgh, there are two more places that should be pointed on your map: the Camera Obscura, a place that will make illusions look more realistic than ever and then head to Our Dynamic Earth and see the earth from another perspective (no more spoilers about this one).


 Glasgow-Scotland (UK):

 The biggest “rival” of Edinburgh, being beaten by competition as to which of these two cities gets top spot as the most vegan friendly city, Glasgow offers a unique beauty that you have not experienced anywhere else. It totally combines two opposite things into one masterpiece that you are definitely going to adore! Combining the moody atmosphere of a city that belongs to a foreign country with the warmth and beauty of the marvelous sunsets across Clyde River, it will immediately make you forget about the foggy weather. It’s the biggest city in Scotland and a great destination for your vacations (mostly during autumn or, in this case, on V-day).

 Start your day with a walk at George Square and then head over to Tchai-Ovna House of Tea, to enjoy your morning tea, or at Kind Crusts. Another great place to enjoy your breakfast at is Picnic and Saramago.

 Dining in Glasgow is easy since there are so many options. Be sure to check the list to find what you are really looking for. Mono is a restaurant that appears on almost every catalogue of the most recommended restaurants in Glasgow. Saramago also appears on the list, as it’s not just a café, but also has its own cuisine. Next on the list, we have Soy Division (and no it was not picked because I’m goth but because of the critics that made me place it in my -restaurants I want to visit- list). Stereo is yet another place you might want to visit, having a great number of positive critics and being said to be one of the most favorite vegan hangouts in Glasgow. The 78 is a pub and like any pub around the world, it’s a lovely place to visit, sparkling its own uniqueness. The interior is veg-tastic (excuse me, I mean fantastic*) and their dishes are also great.

 Glasgow also has its own vegan nightlife scene, with not just ordinary night clubs, but also a great vegan late night bar, that is quite known to many of you. In case you don’t know the place’s name, then we are talking about the Flying Duck. The description says that it’s not just a bar or a pub and that you’ll find out what they mean after you get there and I believe they couldn’t have given a better description about the uniqueness of that place.


 Dublin-Ireland (UK):

 The “Venice of the North”, as I tend to call it (and we’ll talk about Italy later, by the way). If you do not believe that it looks as romantic and relaxing as Venice, then look at these pictures that will definitely change your mind (or should we spell it “m-o-ind” and get used to the melodic and beautiful accent of these lads?) It should be mentioned that the PERFECT guide through Ireland wouldn’t have been complete without the help of a huge part of our readers that live in Ireland and contributed in their own way, not to mention these pub fans on the countless facebook groups that I had a talk with to end up making up my mind as to which places I should recommend.

 The Guiness Storehouse is definitely a place you should visit any time of the year, especially in case you love beer and often try out beers from around the world. The Botanic Garden is the next major attraction you should visit. Last, but not least, let’s not forget to include the Viking Splash Tour in our list, as it will give you an experience like no other.

 As for where to eat, Ireland is quite a vegan-friendly place, providing a large variety of great restaurants and pubs. In case you are fond of pubs, then any pub you visit would be fine. The Sova Food Vegan Butcher was recommended by most of our readers as their favorite hangout in Dublin. Next, you might want to check out Happy Food, which also has good critics and has been recommended by many over the times. Veginity is the place where professionalism meets innovation, offering great dishes and deserts. A really romantic and great looking place that MUST be included in the list, as the photos we received by you indeed prove that it’s a great place, is Cornucopia, one of the oldest vegetarian-vegan restaurants in Dublin that totally stands out. It looks like an old tea house or pub and the deserts look mouth watering. In case you visit Cornucopia, I should let you know that I am already envious of you. Last, but not least, the Govindas is a highly recommended place to visit for a relaxing dinner. In case you are planning on visiting any of Dublin’s marvelous pubs, don’t forget to visit the Gogartys. Against the Grain, is also a great choice. A shoulder of cold, refreshing beer will be a great way to start a nice romantic conversation and of course meet other people. 


 Berlin (DE):

 Berlin is great. Germany is great. One of the most vegan-friendly places on the planet and one that offers high quality cuisine. Sightseeing in Germany, as well as dining can be quite interesting. You should also know that Berlin was named the Vegetarian Capital of the World during the Good Taste Awards of 2015. It should also be mentioned that even waltzing into a non-vegan restaurant and telling the staff that you are vegan is not something that could make you feel uncomfortable while in Germany, as the Germans are considered to be really open minded and will not judge you for your way of life.

 The first place you are advised to visit is the TV Tower, also known as Fernsehturm and have a great view of Berlin. Be sure to book your dinner beforehand, if you are planning to dine there. The menu has a vegetarian option, although it’s not an exclusive vegan restaurant.

 Looking at the list of vegan restaurants around Berlin, the list is as big as it is for London and the UK in general, that not all restaurants could be mentioned in just one article. Let us show you some of the greatest restaurants in there. Vöner is all about kebab and by “kebab”, we mean vegan kebab ONLY! Viasko is yet another great restaurant and one of the top recommended restaurants around the city. Of course the list wouldn’t be complete without a reference to Kopps, that is one of the best restaurants around the world, having been placed in numerous top 10s each year for its fantastic meals and the atmosphere of the building and having a really great reputation all over the world. Lucky Leek is also a great place with fantastic food and especially their deserts are fancy and some of them look really cute. Bistro Bardot gets a really great amount of positive critics for its atmosphere and their menu and of course let us not forget to mention Fast Rabbit, for all of those that want to pick up a tasty and quick bite to eat.


 Hamburg (DE):

 The “Hong KongID of Europe” and also a major port worldwide, Hamburg has nothing to be jealous of from other cities around the world, as it’s one of the most selected destinations for honeymoons, hence it’s a great place to visit on Valentine’s Day. The Norderelbe river across Hamburg is itself a great attraction, especially at night, but there are two (or actually three) more places you should visit. That includes of course the Miniatur Wunderland, the Park Blanden un Blomen and Hotel Atlantis.

 When it comes to food, Hamburg has many places to offer, starting with The Vegan Eagle (and wish you’ll find their Like a Boss-Cop dish which absolutely rocks). For the best hamburgers around town, visit the Fränzi. Then there’s LEAF for fans of gourmet dishes. The Vistro is another top recommended place for you to visit as well as the Liberty Eiscafé und Bistro and the Loving Hut of course!


 Venice (I):

 Unfortunately, due to some really recent incidents, Italy could not make it to the list of the 10 most vegan-friendly countries. However, it’s still vegan-friendly, in comparison to many other countries. Being half Italian means that I have been in touch with the cuisine, so I can undoubtedly say myself that there are lots of traditional Italian foods that can be turned into vegan, or already are vegan and in fact vegetarians consider Italy one of the top recommended destinations for vegetarian-friendly traveling. As for Venice, it surely deserves a spot in our guide, both for being one of the most romantic destinations worldwide, as well as being in fact quite vegetarian and vegan friendly.

 The main attraction there, is the city itself actually, meaning that the way Venice is built is itself one of the most important attractions around the city. Of course no tour guide can be called a guide, without showing you Doge’s Palace. The place you’ve probably heard of and seen in many films is called St. Mark’s Square and it’s one of the most well known places to visit while in Venice. Of course, don’t forget to take a gondola ride while in there. After all that’s why you are probably going to go to Venice. Last but not least, it should be referred that during your visit on Valentine’s Day, you might be able to see the famous Venice Carnival, which is one of the most beautiful things to see.

 As for vegan dining in Venice, the options are enough. As mentioned earlier, Italy is friendly to vegetarians mostly, but you shouldn’t have any problem to find something good to eat. Also, bare in mind that Venice is a tourist destination and the absence of vegan options would not be good for them at all, hence vegan options are available. Last but not least, it has to be mentioned that the list might look small, however bare in mind that Venice is not a huge city itself, being ONLY 414.57 km2 big. Le Spighe  is a great place to visit and the way to pay for your food is unique, paying for how much the food weighs. That means you can eat quite much there. La Tecia Vegana is the next place we should make a reference to. It’s a newly opened restaurant that serves organic food and is also friendly to visitors from another countries, as the menu is not only written in Italian or English. Last but not least, Pinzimonio is highly recommended for raw vegans, as there is quite a big number of raw vegan dishes for you to enjoy there.


 Athens (GR):

 Newly brought into the world of veganism, Greece has adapted pretty quick over the last 4 years. Known for its beautiful locations, the adding of vegan restaurants was something that could make Greece even better as a location that people could visit. Athens is full of places and monuments and unfortunately, you will not have that much time to visit them all. This guide will show you a list of interesting and romantic destinations to visit, while at the same time, trying out tasty dishes at one of the many vegan restaurants throughout Athens.

 Starting your day at Monastiraki, drinking your tea at Bubbletale, a local tea shop with many vegetarian and vegan options is probably a great idea, in case you are planning to start from the center of Athens. Also, ToBazaki is one of the best vegan juice stops in the city, although it’s not in the center of Athens, but is a great place to start your day. Raw juices can be found at the PURE Juice Bar and it’s a highly recommended place to go to. Walk through the beautiful streets of Plaka and Ermou and lose yourselves in the beautiful streets of Athens during the day. Alternatively, you can take a stroll in the beautiful National Garden of Athens, that is close by. Do not rush to think that you are not going to visit famous monuments, such as the Acropolis, as they will be mentioned later on.

 Vegan dining in Athens has started becoming more and more easy these days, with numerous restaurants being added every year. Of course you can rely on a tasty and quick falafel at Falafellas, Falafel KING and other restaurants around the city, although you might be probably looking for something more. Still, these two choices are great if you are only looking for something quick to bite. Avocado is the next and one of the most praised vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants you can dine at, providing an excellent setting for people to relax and enjoy their meal. The upper floor, is also a great place for couples that just want to relax in their own privacy. Raw vegans can visit Γή (Yi = Earth), a raw vegetarian/ vegan-friendly restaurant with great food that has been highly praised over the times for its quality and is probably one of the most famous vegetarian rest-aurants in Athens. In case you are planning to dine late in the evening, the best destinations to visit are of course Lime Bistro, the first -ever- gluten-free restaurant in Athens and the first restaurant I ever reviewed while working for Veganville City. The place is perfect from every aspect and the food is also delicious. As a bistro, it’s the greatest setting for a late evening dinner and a smooth and delicious coffee afterwards. Don’t forget to visit mama tierra as well, which is also great for late evening dining and offers a variety of juicy vegan burgers. For the lovers of fancy restaurants, Rosebud wine restaurant is probably a great choice in the list of vegan-friendly restaurants. And of course let us not forget the great Ζάχαρη & ΑΛΑΤΙ wine restaurant (Zahari Ki Alati = Sugar and Salt), as a great vegan-friendly restaurant.  A non-vegan, but vegan-friendly restaurant with a great variety of vegetarian and vegan choices is also Cap Cap, specializing in turning famous Hollywood franchises, such as Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones into dishes

 Don’t leave Athens without visiting the Acropolis first and afterwards, taking a stroll at the beautiful beaches of Glyfada or taking a walk at the port of Piraeus.


 Thessaloniki (GR):

 While Athens is a classic example of a city that never rests, Thessaloniki is exactly the opposite. A small piece of advice that would make your trip more fun. Visit both cities! After the clock reaches 00:00, hop on the first train to Thessaloniki and wait until you reach your destination. How is it like to set foot in Thessaloniki after a train trip? Well, it’s a great feeling, I ensure you. I use to travel to both cities a lot, and from what you have noticed, I generally travel a lot. When it comes to Thessaloniki, I enjoy staying up all night and wandering inside the train and watch the early morning fog, as I get off the train, walking in the streets.

 The first place you might want to stare at, and which you are going to see a lot throughout the day, is the famous White Tower of Thessaloniki, clearly what comes in mind when someone asks you about what makes Thessaloniki great. The second thing that comes in mind: Phyllo Triangle Pastries. Luckily, you can find the vegan version of this traditional sweet at Pasalidis Make sure that this is the first place to visit for an early morning breakfast. Right after that, head to Aristotelous Square and right after that go to the Arch of Galerius. Your next stop should be the Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Musical Instruments.

 For such a small city, as Thessaloniki, the number of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants is really unbelievable, as there are too many. You can visit the Falafel House, for a great falafel, or the Falafel House. These two are really famous for their quality. rOOTS deserves to be mentioned as well, for its quality and for the fact that almost every dish they make can be made especially for vegans, if you ask them to. It’s a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options and has been praised for how good their foods are. Favorite dish? Their yummy orzo pasta of course! Basilico should get a mention as well, as a vegan-friendly pizza restaurant. Last, but not least, let us mention the small and cozy restaurant, Η Ωραία Ελλάς (I Orea Ellas = Beautiful Greece), for being a warm vegan-friendly restaurant, offering a variety of vegan options.

 Do not forget to visit the port of Thessaloniki at night. It’s really a great, especially when the moon reaches the sky.


 Dubai (UAE):

 Asia is a place where a vegetarian or vegan would choose to go on vacation. It’s one of the most vegetarian-friendly places in the world and also quite friendly to vegans. As for Dubai, it’s the name to describe luxury in India. It also gives you the feeling of progress throughout the years, as the old city of Dubai exists right inside the city. This makes you understand how many years have passed since the establishment of the city and how it turned into many years later.

 If you love hotels, then visit the Burj al-Arab hotel, the world’s biggest hotel and Dubai’s landmark. Since the weather there is warm, you might probably want to splash into the clean and beautiful beaches of Dubai, such as Jumeriah Beach. The Mall of the Emirates, as well as well as Burj Khalifa, are two more monuments you should visit. The old town of Dubai is called Bastakia and is in fact an interesting tourist attraction.

 Dining in Dubai is delicate and luxurious, but then again, what would you expect from a destination like Dubai? Wafi Gourmet is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious vegan-friendly restaurants in the city. They say that Greeks can go anywhere, bringing their culture and foods along with them. Mythos is probably a great example of Greeks traveling across the world and opening a restaurant with traditional Greek food. What’s interesting about this one though, is that the cuisine is vegan-friendly. Don’t forget to pay a visit to The Cheesecake Factory , another vegan-friendly restaurant with great atmosphere. In case you simply want something quick to bite, Operation:Falafel is highly recommended, but then again, Dubai is full of great places to enjoy a great falafel. Baskin robins is indeed a vegan-friendly place to eat some delicious ice cream and we also heard great critics about their ice cream in general.

 Visit the beautiful Creek by night. It’s the best time of the day to view the nice scenery in front of you.


 Bali (ID):

 A trip for those that simply want to relax and enjoy some time by the nature. Bali is known for being really close to the nature in a very unique way. Also, it’s in Asia and Asia is one of the most vegetarian-friendly continents, providing options for vegans as well. A trip that is going to be unforgettable and a trip that will make you value life in a different way. After setting foot in Indonesia, the first thing that is definitely going to get stuck into your mind is the sounds. The sounds of nature. The birds singing with the echo of their voices following you everywhere. Now that’s something you don’t listen while in New York to be honest, right? If you aren’t used to the sound of birds, then it will take you a short while to get used, but then again, once you settle in, you’ll eventually relax spiritually and feel detoxicated from the noise of the metropolis you live in.

 Visit the Ujung Water Palace and the Tirta Gangga, which should be the first places of interest to visit once you set foot in Bali. Wherever you go, do NOT forget to visit the Sekumpul Waterfalls and enjoy the astonishing view. All these, right after having breakfast at Divine Earth of course! As you’ re going to notice pretty soon, Bali and Indonesia in general is a paradise for raw vegans, providing more raw vegan options than almost any other place on earth. Divine earth is also one of these raw vegan restaurants.

 South Asian metropolises are known for how luxurious their hotels and restaurants are. Here is a list of the most beautiful and interesting vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants: Fivelements is the first stop we suggest that you visit. A beautiful restaurant housed in bamboo structure, serving both vegan and raw vegan meals. Yoga fans can enjoy their vegan or vegetarian food at Samadi and not miss the opportunity of having a yoga session in the very same place. It’s a really beautiful place to visit with a really nice garden that leaves customers breathless, when they visit. Alchemy is yet another place for all these raw vegans out there. It’s considered as one of the most beloved raw vegan destinations in Bali, since their meals are both tasty and fully raw, free of wheat, refined-sugar, flour or any kind of preservative. Zula – Vegetarian Paradise, as its name indicates is really a paradise for vegans, offering a great variety of vegan options (as a vegan restaurant obviously) and its interior is really something to write home about, looking so authentic and beautiful. One of the most famous restaurants in Bali and definitely one of the most favorite vegan restaurants in town. Rumor has it that the raw vegan lasagna at The Seeds of Life is a dish you MUST try no matter what! And by “rumor”, I mean: “absolutely order it!” Last, but not least, don’t forget to visit the Living Food Lab, one of the most recommended vegan choices in Bali!


 Tokyo (JP):

 Tokyo is Japan’s capital and it’s actually not exactly one city, but many cities forming one bigger city. The smaller cities are sectors. Imagine a smaller version of the States, only the States would be forming one city and would not be so distant from each other. One word to describe Tokyo: Magnificent! One word to describe why: There isn’t! It’s magical how the city makes you fall in love with it, from the moment you set foot and -if we want to be honest with ourselves- one day, or even a week won’t be enough to explore every part of it. Such a huge city needs weeks to be explored, but we’ll make sure you get a fairly big list with the most romantic attractions around the city, as well as a list of the greatest restaurants.

 Japan is famous for its parks, so get advantage of it and visit the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and the Kitanomaru Park. A place where many couples choose to have their photos taken at is the Two-tiered Bridge (Ni-ju Bashi). Tokyo Skytree is another place you should definitely visit and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. I don’t usually do that, but this time I definitely will advise you to visit it both day and early in the evening to see the city both in sunlight and later on under the late evening sky.

  When vegans hear about Japan, their first reaction is: “This can’t be a vegan-friendly place at all”. Let’s take a quick history lesson, right before moving to the list of the top vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants you can enjoy your meal at. Japan was trying its hardest to become eco-friendly, before eco-friendly cities were something that actually mattered and something that other countries would try to achieve. Numerous engineers and scientists conduct experiments every day in order to create eco-friendlier and more self-sustained methods of nourishing consumers. Of course traditions remain traditions, but the idea that Japan is not vegan friendly is extremely false, as the Japanese people are known for how open minded they are.

 It’s Vegetable is the first restaurant we should refer to, serving Taiwanese food that contains not meat nor fish or dairy products and since it’s a traditional Buddhist restaurant, you will notice the absence of garlic and onion in their dishes too. T’s Tantan is a vegan restaurant with quite a big fanbase and the critics it has gained are quite interesting, praising it for how great it is. AIN SOPH.ginza is also a great recommendation, offering a variety of quality dishes. Do not miss a chance to eat a delicious tiramisu at  Ainsoph Journey. Last, but not least, let us not forget to mention Tudore Tranquility.

 Do not leave, unless you visit the Tokyo Tower at night. It’s probably one of the most iconic monuments of japan. Also, you might want to take a romantic stroll with your loved one while in the suburbs of Tokyo and moongaze under a sakura tree.


 Honolulu-Hawaii (USA):

 Hawaii is a destination many couples choose for their honeymoon and the ideal place to spend your time on Valentine’s Day. Visit the Manoa Falls and swim at one of the many beautiful beaches across Honolulu. Hike at the mountains and live in peace and harmony. Hawaii is so great, that you will feel like staying there forever. It has that special something that relaxes you and makes you feel like home. Also, it always looks as if the island is following its own flow, not following the rest of the States.

 Vegan restaurants exist on the island and they are at your service. Visit Simple Joy or the Loving Hut. Greens & Vines  is the best option for raw vegans and last, but not least, let us mention Peace Café and its great sweets.


  Las Vegas-Nevada (USA):

 Las Vegas is not just a city in the middle of the desert. It’s a multicultural phenomenon and a place where everyone can express themselves. After having a bike trip, end up in Las Vegas and get lost into the lights of the city. The beauty of Las Vegas is unique and a trip there is unforgettable!

 One thing you should know: Every hotel in the city is a significant landmark of the city itself, so be sure to visit them ALL and walk outside of each one of them, and when we say “ALL”, we mean “EVERY-SINGLE-ONE-OF-THEM”, from MGM hotel to Mirage Hotel. Also, don’t forget to visit the Stratosphere Tower and get an awesome view of the city.

 When it comes to dining, Las Vegas has all a Vegan could probably ask for. VegeNation is your first choice, while there. One of the most famous hangouts in Las Vegas is undoubtedly Bronze Café, which in fact is being followed by 26.000 fans and a great number of them visit it weekly. Chef Stacey’s Simply Pure is great and their Raw Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta is simply heavenly! We couldn’t forget Panevino for both its atmosphere, as well as its delicious food. 


 This was a list with some of the best cities around the world that are vegan friendly and are a great choice for you to visit on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy ourselves wherever you go and whatever you do. You can send us your photos from your trip and tell us your opinion about the cities we recommended to you.



 By: VeganHedgehog


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