Vegan Freddoccino

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 One of the most beloved summer coffee drinks. It was invented in Greece and became a huge trend almost immediately. It’s actually frozen water with coffee flavor if you take a close look at the ingredients, but unfortunately Freddoccino was not vegan at all once it was firstly invented.

 A camp owner who is a great friend of mine asked me last week about which drink I’d like to be served and I asked for a vegan Freddoccino. Once he told me that it can’t be made, I placed a bet with him and indeed I made a vegan Freddoccino, which made him realize it was both tasty and cheap (considering the ready mixture). Using just a few ingredients I made both of us some cool drinks. Here’s the method for you to make your very own freddoccino at home!




TIME: 10min



-1 1/2 sachet of cocoa 

-1/2 sachet of espresso

-1/2 glass of oat milk / soy milk

-one glass of ice cubes

-2-3 sweetened vegan biscuits

-2 (+) teaspoons sugar/stevia

-1 tablespoon agave syrup (optional)



 Add all of your ice cubes in a big glass. Add the milk inside.

 Place all of your ingredients, except from the agave syrup inside a blender and start shaking the mixture, until it takes a smooth and icy texture.

 Serve back in the -now- empty glass.

 Add your agave syrup to make it even more sweet and tasty.




By: VeganHedgehog



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