Vegan Energy Vegetable Juice

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 Feeling like drinking something to boost you up today? Do it the natural way! This juice will definitely be a great way to start your day and will give you a natural speed up. This “energy” drink contains only the finest vegetables and mixes them in a way that will do good to your whole body, while making sure you are fueled for the toughest tasks!


 TIME: 5min



 -½ tomato

 -½ beetroot

 -1 small carrot

 -½ bundle of celery

 -½ teaspoon lemon juice

-½ teaspoon pepper (spice)*


 The best way to make this juice work, just like every other type of natural juice is to drink it right after you make it. This procedure will make sure that not a single second is wasted during the procedure.

 Your lemon juice can hold for at least 5 minutes without losing its beneficial substances. Start by juicing ½ of a very small lemon, as you will only need a very small portion (as described to the ingredients) for your recipe. If a little more than that falls into your mixture, that’s not really a big problem to worry about, although (for flavoring reasons), you will only need that much as ½ teaspoon of that.

 Put the juice of the lemon into your blender and throw in the rest of your ingredients, after you cut them into small pieces (start with the celery and the carrots, as they will consume most of your time). Mix all of your ingredients by shaking them into your blender for at least 3 minutes.

 Serve your juice into a chilled glass.


 *FOR RAW VEGANS: DO NOT use the pepper (spice), in case you are a raw vegan, as it has been processed and will NOT be a raw material to use. In case you still want to make it spicy (since hot spices have been proven to be good for the heart and protective against winter cold), you can use fresh chilli flakes (seeds), after you take out the peeling of the pepper and take EXACTLY ½ teaspoon of the seeds inside it (you should also leave the seeds dry in the sun, before using them, so as for them to melt easier)

 By: VeganHedgehog

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