Vegan Sweet Potato Chips

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 Maybe you forgot to grab a bag of dried vegan chips at your local store this week. How can you enjoy a movie without a decent snack that can keep you company as long as you are watching the film in agony, not knowing what will follow during the next scenes? Why worried, when you can use only 4 ingredients and get awesome results in just a few minutes?

 Go rent the movie you want to see, or search your shelves for the -I was about to say “videotape”, but I guess these don’t exist anymore, at least for most of you- movie you want to see and come back to read and follow these simple steps.


 TIME: 25min



 -2 large sweet potatoes

 -2 teaspoons salt

 -3 tablespoons hot paprika

 -1 tablespoon oil


 [optional ingredients]

 -4 teaspoons tabasco

 –1/4 tomato

 -2 teaspoons sweet paprika

 -1teaspoon vegan red wine



 Peel the potatoes and slice them thin in any desired size or shape.

 Add salt and paprika.

 Add oil

 Put them in the oven for at least 20 minutes.

 Put the tomato, the wine and the tabasco in a blender.

 Add the sweet paprika and mix the mixture.

 Set aside into a bowl, to use it as a sauce for your chips. 

 Your Chips are ready!



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