Vegan Aromatic Noodles with Mixed Vegetables

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 Either you are about to have a meeting with some really important business partners, impress your family members during lunch time this Sunday, or have dinner with the person you love, this recipe can work magic on impressing, even those who would expect only the finest! What’s special about it is that it combines different flavors and turns them into an aromatic symphony.   As a dish, it had been my “ace in the sleeve”, usually during Christmas holidays, but I decided to share the recipe with you and help you impress everyone with your cooking skills (and don’t forget to tell them that you got the recipe from your buddy, VeganHedgehog aye?).


 TIME: 40min



 -125g noodles

 -1 red belly pepper

 -1 orange belly pepper

 -410g mixed Asian vegetables (bamboo shoots, baby corn, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, chili pepper)

 -¼ cup balsamiko vinegar

 -3 tablespoons soy sauce

 -4 tablespoons maple syrup

 -2 tablespoons vinegar

 -1 tablespoon salt

 -2 tablespoons black pepper

 -2 tablespoons olive oil

 -1 tablespoon flour


 Boil water and put your noodles into a big bowl. Add the boiled water and leave them there for at least 3 minutes.

 Chop your vegetables really well and put them into a frying pan, adding olive oil. Fry your vegetables for 2 minutes on high level heat and lower your heat to the lowest level right after that.

 Add the vinegar, the balsamiko vinegar, the maple syrup and a little boiled water into a glass and stir well.

 Add the mixture into the frying pan and dry your noodles, leaving them al dente and put them into your frying pan.

 Add the flour, carefully and continue stirring. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir for a few more minutes.

 Your Aromatic Noodles are ready!


 By: VeganHedgehog

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