Top 5 Vegans in Videogames

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 Grab your controllers, a bowl of butter-free popcorn and some beer, as this article is dedicated to all videogamers out there (especially vegans) At this article, we are looking at the top 5 vegan videogame characters ! For this list, we are looking through various characters from different genres and videogame franchises. We also take characters that are either canon vegans and/or have claimed to support veganism in at least one of the scenes of these game titles! Also, be advised after this signal and don’t say you were not warned!
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)
sonic-pose“But he’s a hedgehog!” don’t you think so? However, the plot of the series is what gives our cute blue spiky friend no5 in our list! He and his friends form a team of anthropomorphic animals with extraordinary powers that oppose Dr. Robotnic (in the early series) and Dr. Eggman, his great grandson (later on), who they also fight against and free captivated animals, which have been enslaved by both madmen! Despites his questionable diet, based on chili dogs, which mostly occurs in the American version of Sonic the Hedgehog (cartoons and comics), the Japanese version of Sonic the hedgehog (regarding most of the original old school SEGA videogames) has shown that Sonic, not only saves animals, but has even shown him eating various fruits throughout the manuals, instead of chili dogs. Excluding some of the game titles that were created for the American fanbase, sonic makes it no5 on the list. Sorry Crash, but hitting mutated turtles while eating apples is not exactly what veganism is about!
Any Sim (The Sims Series)
asfasdsadBased on the concept of making a real human, which you can turn in pretty much whatever you want (including super villain, “mister nice guy”, ideologist etc.), the Sims 2, makes you God on your own creations. Whether you want your sim to be vegan or not is totally up to you, as you chose your sim’s actions (and can also cancel an action, if for example your sim is about to cook a non-vegan food) and in later versions, such as the Sims 3, you can even chose your sim’s favorite food (including a tofu dog, peanut butter sandwich and more!). Of course, having a family of more than two sims is too hard to control, so sometimes, your characters might cheat on you, although the A.I. has the ability to “get used to a certain routine” (especially on Sims 2, which was my favorite). This gives our beloved clumsy humanoid friends no4 on this list!
The Quarian Race (Mass Effect Serries)
news_img_45869_0Mass Effect fans, like me, would love to see this entire race getting the first position, although killing alien creatures is not vegan at all and obviously makes them lose enough points to get to no3. What makes them get that position is their diet, according to the Mass Effect wikia, which is vegan! For those of you who had the chance to play the trilogy, wait a little further for the arrival of the new game title and maybe you can play as a Quarian!
Reed Tucker (GTA III)
This guy is not shown and no much information about his appearance has been given, so this might be considered as a cheat, since he managed to get 2nd place (plus the facts that he is both an A.I. and a comedic form of vegan). However, what makes him get this position is the fact that he seems to be FULLY aware of what veganism means and he stays absent from meat and animal products for a reason that he can (probably) defend with certain arguments. There’s really not much else to say, rather than the fact that he makes his appearance on a radio station, where the host (Lazlow) is obviously an anti-vegan, misogynist and pretty much anything far from the alternative way of life, which, in a comico-tragic way portraits the contradictions between vegans and those who hate them.
And the winner is…
Victor Sullivan
Until Uncharted 4, Sully had claimed nothing about veganism, until he met with Nathan Drake and told him that he was about to become vegan, since life had given a lot to him and he thought it was time to give something in return. Again, this is not canon, as he simply said that he was just planning on starting that way of life, plus Sully used to be a thief (along with Nathan and their friends), which probably makes them lose a few points, regarding morality. As for veganism, the reason he claimed was the one that would make him a vegan was the closest someone has ever got out of a character up to date. “Respect for Life and the Planet”! Let’s hope that on Uncharted 5, Sully will make his thoughts become reality and that he will have turned into vegan (as well as a lot more ethical, as well as the rest of the crew, especially Nathan’s brother).
I hope you enjoyed my top 5 countdown. Do you have any idea for another top 5’s? Let me know on the comment sections bellow!
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