“Neat” Joe Sandwich

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 Sloppy Joe is a traditional American junk food recipe that probably has its roots at Sioux City of Iowa. According to Marilyn Brown, Director of the Consumer Test Kitchen at H.J. Heinz, this recipe firstly appeared there in 1930 and soon became famous and ended up being a traditional dish.

 I preferred to start today’s recipe with a small historical information, as Sloppy Joe is one of my favorite junk food recipes, as it has the potential to become too spicy, hence better for my own taste!

 It was the last day of my vacation in Cephalonia and we were about to watch classic American cult movies with my hosts, so I decided to make a special and spicy dish for them! When they saw the food on their dishes, they immediately asked what I had made and while laughing, I told them I had cooked some “Neat” Joe Sandwiches. Of course that was never the original name of the recipe, but since the recipe was completely turned into a vegan recipe, I decided to give it another name. Looks like our Joe became cruelty-free, hence cleaner! (This goes to anyone that believes vegan humor does not exist at all). Before starting with the recipe, I ought to thank Mary Weasley, the site’s merchandise designer and her friends for the hospitality and for having a great time together, during my trip to Cephalonia! I should also apologize, as I was a total pain in the neck, since I refused to give out the recipe, when they asked me and told them to be patient, until I would post a Sloppy Joe vegan recipe, but I was actually intending to do that in order to thank them in a decent way for the great times we had together. This recipe is for you, first of all!

 A piece of information that you should bare in mind before viewing this recipe is that I rarely use any sauce when I cook soya mince, as I am not fond of this combination of ingredients. Since this recipe contains only the ingredients I used, be advised that you could simply make some tomato sauce and mix it with the rest of the ingredients, before putting your mince into the breads if you like! This step will be included into the procedure, so simply follow the asterisk (*)


 TIME: 25min

 DIFFICULTY: difficulty-3


 -300g soya mince

 -6 small -gluten free- sandwich bread loafs

 -6 teaspoons tabasco

 -½ onion

 -½ teaspoon peanut butter

 -3 gloves garlic

 -1 teaspoon salt

 -1 teaspoon sugar

 -1 teaspoon cinnamon

 -2 tablespoons olive oil

 -500ml water


 You might not think that peanut butter fits so many recipes and you might have already have found it a bit awkward to be set in many of my recipes , but trust me! A little of that magic ingredient can give a really incredible flavor to your food, if you know how to use it! For years, it had been my secret ingredient in many recipes. You could skip using it though, as the result will also be satisfying!

 Boil the water and put it inside a bowl, where you will have already placed the mince. Set aside and wait for the mince to drink up all of the water. Stir it up if needed.

 Chop the onion into very thick slices, so as for them to almost immediately melt, once you start frying them.

 Dry up the mince.

*IF YOU CHOSE TO USE SAUCE: put 2 tomatoes into the blender and juice them up. Mix the tomato juice along with every ingredient, except from the mince, the bread loafs, the olive oil and the onion slices.

 Put olive oil into a pan and start frying it. Add the onion slices and fry them, until they start melting. Put the peanut butter and immediately add the rest of your ingredients, except from the bread loafs into the pan and start stirring for up to 10 minutes.

 Cut the sandwich bread loafs, using a knife. (If they are already cut, then simply) take a spoon and move onto the next step:

 Curve the middle part of the bread’s crumb on the bottom side of your bread loafs, using the spoon. (The original recipe does not mention that step, although it’s too useful, as more quantity of mince is going to be placed into your bread loafs). Be careful not to curve the crust, or your bread loaf will be destroyed and you will not be able to use it for your recipe.

 Place the mince inside the hole that has been made on each of your bread loafs.

 Your Sloppy Joes are ready to serve!


 By: VeganHedgehog

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