Silence of the Lambs (?) No more!

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Silence of the Lambs (?) No more!


 Sometimes writing articles alone isn’t enough in order to “wake” people up and educate them. Sometimes more than just uploading a recipe needs to be given to people in case you really want to change the world.

 When I first heard that there would be a protest against the twinge of lambs, a tradition that has long been followed by people in many countries and has its origins in Greece, I more than willingly decided to go and join the protest.

 Arriving an hour late, due to a terribly busy schedule, I started photo-shooting each person protesting and the crowd that was passing by, reading the signs and being horrified of their own sins. Soon after that we were asked whether we would like to join and hold a sign, helping out with the protest.






 The highlights:

 A peaceful protest with more than a hundred vegans holding signs and standing still, in order for the world to stop and read these signs and maybe understand this fair cause. Also, one of the things that were repeated during the protest was the fact that last year, more than a million people signed a petition against an Asian tradition based in China, where thousands of innocent dogs are killed during the summer, as part of a celebration.

 It should be mentioned that many well known channels, including CNN Greece were present, taking videos and photos of this peaceful protest.



 A number of people generally were not affected and in some occasions even made impolite comments about the protest, but they were just a minority. The majority of people were shocked after thinking what they had been doing and few of them even said they would like to change their way of life, although they will need help from those already being vegan so as to know how they could replace animal products with fruits and vegetables and which ones they should consume and how often (Food for thought: Every nation should adopt a “Vegan Education Day”  that would be held in schools or big halls at least once a month for free, aiming towards educating people who want to change, but just don’t know how to do it).

 Another thing that should be mentioned is that the protest was “gray”, meaning the participants did not use any form of extremism. This was quite important as many elder people would easily think this is an anti-religious campaign, misunderstanding the cause, should there have been any forms of extremism during the protest. In fact, as an Orthodox myself, I spoke with some of the elder people who happened to read our signs and asked us whether we were protesting totally against any religion or against this specific custom. It was clearly explained that we are only against this specific tradition and that veganism has nothing to do with religion or politics. Some younger people even asked if leaving this tradition behind would help the world in general and this gave me even more food for thought: People don’t know how hazardous for the environment stockraising is, as, should stockraising and meat eating be banned worldwide, food and water supplies would be grow by 60% or more, giving an end to any crisis around the world and saving thousands of innocent lives that are daily ended into factories.

 The protest was far from successful and the message it gave the world was crystal clear. Some people who might think that ending a tradition will probably spoil an ideology, they should be reminded that countless times, history has mentioned thousands of barbaric traditions (such as the duels in ancient Rome and the hanging of criminals in Medieval France and Europe), that thankfully no longer exist or do not take place in most countries. People need to be reminded that in order to change the world and in order for ideals, such as justice and equality to shine bright, an equal number of uncivilized ideals and practices need to be found only in history books, reminding us of our mistakes.



By: VeganHedgehog

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