Penne Pasta: A recipe for Penne Pasta with Broccoli, Red Pepper and Vegan Mayonnaise Dressing

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 Penne pasta is one of the most beloved types of pasta, not only in Italy, but throughout the world as well. This recipe will show you how to turn a dull dish, such as penne pasta into a gourmet dish, with only a few ingredients, such as broccoli, salt and… penne pasta of course!

 penne pasta 2The dish can be served alone, without the broccoli and the vegan mayonnaise dressing. However, we wouldn’t be showing you recipes, should we only show simple things, such as boiling some pasta.



 TIME: 55min




 -1 broccoli

 -1 red pepper

 -500g penne pasta

 -2 tablespoons salt

 -5 tablespoons oil

 -100ml soya milk

 -5 tablespoons gluten-free apple cider



 You will obviously want to start with the easy task of the day, so for this recipe, it’s suggested that you start by boiling the broccoli and the red pepper, right after you cut the broccoli into half so that you can boil it easier and so that it can fit your pot and chop the pepper into small pieces. If you have a steamer of any kind, don’t hesitate to use it and immediately move to the next step, as long as your electric steamer does the job for you!

 Boil water in a pot and add your penne pasta inside, as well as 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of salt. Cook at high level heat (Lv. 3) for 10 minutes and then lower the heat on medium level. Stir them well for about 10 minutes more. Lower the heat to zero and leave the pasta as it is, stirring once in while, so that your pasta does not stick on the bottom of the pot or on the sides.

 For the mayonnaise dressing, you can follow the instructions here. NOTE: You WANT your mayonnaise to be as watery as possible, since it’s a dressing you want to make for this recipe, so make sure you follow the instructions for a watery or normal mayo (both will get quite watery). In case you want to use a vegan mayonnaise you purchased at a store, feel free to use it.

 Cut the broccoli into smaller pieces. 

 Dry your pasta by taking out all of the water. And let it cool for a little while.

 Serve without forgetting to add some portion of the broccoli, the pieces of the pepper and the mayonnaise dressing on each dish accordingly.




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