Lime Bistro – “Let the Good Times Roll!”

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Name of place: Lime Bistro

 Located: Dekeleon 23, Gazi (Athens, Greece)




 Room: 10/10

 Food: 10/10

 Prices: $$ (cheap!)


 Walking in the streets of Athens, you will definitely find the place known as “Gazi”. What once was an area for factories, such as the famous gas factory (from where the area took its name), is now an area of art, culture, amusement and of course… restaurants and cafés.

 For years, it has been praised for hosting a huge number of different places for entertainment and meeting with other people, although what it was definitely missing was a vegan restaurant, as thus far, the only vegan-friendly places, close to a vegan’s taste and true to their vegan-friendly menu were the eco-friendly souvlaki pitas that someone could buy at a local souvlaki restaurant (or maybe a veggie burger… oh and fries!) For quite some time vegans were looking for a convenient and easy-to-find vegan restaurant with a REAL vegan catalogue, in which they could find something more than just fries and veggie burgers. A place where they could enjoy vegan food and where they could really find something to match their appetite.

 I found about this restaurant, about two weeks ago and decided to visit it.

 First impressions(?) A warm room that makes you feel at home. And with its very own style indeed. The second thing I noticed? Sinatra! No it’s not the name of any of their dishes but Frank Sinatra and his hits on the stereo (generally the music was so me, I even started mumbling the lyrics of some of the songs and getting excited every time a well-known song, such as “Return to Me”, “Count Every Star”, or newer hits from the world of rock and alternative rock would be played on the speakers). It was what I had been expecting from a bistro! Cool music and music that could bring up a warm indoors winter atmosphere, as the music suited the time. Next thing that catches my attention (although it should be the first). Nobody’s smoking! Don’t take me wrong, but even if the anti-smoking law has been passed, it looks as if almost nobody follows it and in result, almost every place I had visited so far allowed smokers to stay indoors and close to those annoyed by smoking. It was a relief, plus those that were accompanying me were strict non-smokers, which made it a really pleasant experience for them as well! I guess the first impressions were more than good! Let’s find a place to sit now! There! Next to the black wall, on which quotes were being wrote, using chalk! (I have seen it in many alternative places I have visited and I have to say, I like that as an idea and could even be used by visitors to quote a short review on the wall, such as “YOU GUYS ARE GREAT” or “I was here”, as I’ve seen in some of the places I’ve been and it really was cool, if you think that it gives you the feeling of interactivity!)

 The menu gets to our hands and finally we can take a closer look at the dishes. Gluten? What’s that? This restaurant is the first Gluten-free restaurant in Athens, so 1 point extra goes to the food, before tasting it no matter what (and I am really hard to give points on my reviews, in case any of you had seen my reviews on various things I had to review on other sites I had been working for, before deciding to start my own career on my own vegan site). As for the second thing that made the menu look unique, it was definitely the fact that it had been signed by the one responsible for the dishes. It gives you the feeling that the food you are about to eat has been corrected up to its full and will get in the most perfect way as possible. We decided to order a variety of foods, including sweets and to our great surprise, they even had vegan wines on the list! 

 Starting with a really tasty salad, continuing with fillet mushrooms and ending with a strawberry cake and a cup of hot chocolate, I thought I had seen everything to include in my review. I was wrong!  My friends convinced me to try out some other dishes too, such as a plate of colorful stuffed peppers, a tasty dish of red lentils (which I have to tell you I tried out for the first time in my life), a spicy carrot cake and I even tried out from my friends’ dishes. Now I had a complete look over some of the greatest dishes that place has to offer and they were all unique. The soft mushroom fillets were spicy, due to the sauce and they were being accompanied by a ball of iced vegan mustard. Now that’s a first! I decided to try the iced mustard and it’s really good (highly recommended to anyone that wants to try out something new). My next favorite dish was probably the peppers.

 The menu also includes raw-vegan dishes, which is probably something that should be highlighted, as many raw-vegan friends I know had been looking for a raw-vegan restaurant that would not be far from them to go to.

 Regarding the prices, it should be mentioned that the restaurant is cheap and recommended to anyone that wants to taste high quality vegan cuisine at reasonable prices!

 I was able to talk to the owners of the bistro, who also shared a few ideas with me, regarding new add-ups they’re planning to include soon inside the restaurant, and which I believe should stay as a surprise to all of you and as a motivation to go check the place out!

 Ending my review, I should mention that I was too excited to find a vegan restaurant, literally next to my house and it has ever since been a favorite haunt ever since, introducing it to friends, family etcetera.

 What I would also like to say at this point is that as you might have noticed, the page had been inactive for at least two weeks. The review on the restaurant was ready since the first evening I had visited them, and I was planning on publishing it. However it was never meant to be. If you recall, few days prior to the page being shut down temporarily, I had published my first ever book, which (fortunately) gained immediate attention by many. As a result, the domain I was using, was overpopulated and resulted in the server crashing and being unable to host my domain, making my page (to put it simple) unable to be accessed by either me or any visitor. I would like to give a huge apology to all of you who actively support my page and were probably let down, after learning about the book being published and finding that it had been temporarily removed, as well as the page, because I really feel like I let everyone down during these two weeks of my absence. Another apology has to go to the owners of the bistro, as I had promised my review to be coming out earlier. At this moment, like I am going to explain on a different post (as this post right here is solely for reviewing the restaurant and not for discussing the difficulties of running this page) I will explain that for the time being, we are using a temporal hosting, provided until we get our brand new hosting on another domain and manage to solve the problem of having the server crashing down every now and then. So I guess after settling this small misunderstanding, I can move on and totally recommend you to visit Lime Bistro and enjoy their dishes as much as I did.


 By: VeganHedgehog

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