Lannisters’ Battle Smoothie

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Lannisters’ Battle Smoothie


 We’ll start with a fan-fact that will probably make lots of you to hate me, although I had to admit it. I hadn’t watched a single episode of the Game of Thrones series up until a few months ago. The reason was mostly because since I could have the same experience in gaming, especially in RPG’s such as Final Fantasy VII and MMORPG’s, such as Lineage II and World of Warcraft, I found it a little dull to start watching a series that follows in the footsteps of such videogames.

 However, curiosity won and as of April, I’ve been watching the episodes and decided to make a few “tunings” in my kitchen (or does “tunings” suit the Fast and Furious series more? Have you ever eaten a V8 burger? Spoiler alert!)

 This recipe will show you how to make a really extraordinary smoothie like no other and basically it’s a great idea for those who like to taste the extraordinary on a daily basis. The combination of the ingredients might sound a little exotic, however don’t worry that much, as the result is astonishing!


TIME: 15min





-1 ½ cup small strawberries

– ½ cup tomaccini

-2 cups of oat milk

-2tablespoons maple/agave syrup

– ½ teaspoon tabasco*



 Clean and cut your strawberries and tomaccini and put them into a blender. Add oat milk and maple or agave syrup, as well as half a teaspoon of tabasco. Blend, till the mixture is ready.

 Your smoothie is ready! Hope your throne’s too.





By: VeganHedgehog


**Tabasco is completely optional for this recipe, although adding it will absolutely make the taste rock.

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