Inside the Green – a Review about the Veggie Taste Fest

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Inside the Green – a Review about the Veggie Taste Fest



 Do vegans only eat lettuce and apples? Fortunately not! But what most people don’t know is that today’s technology has lead to innovations that can change the way we live and make our lives better without resorting to violence or destruction of the environment.

 As an ecologist, I tend to feel happy when I see how people use technology to avoid harming the environment, while maintaining a lifestyle that doesn’t miss its… style! That’s pretty much what happened last weekend, when I attended the Veggie Taste Fest and spoke to the people attending the festival.

 It’s not something new that you can make chicken out of flour (it’s called seitan by the way), at least between Vegans and ecologists in general, but for those that have never-ever considered becoming vegans and start making their own research, before making up their minds, it definitely sounds shocking, like the Apollo 11 expedition in 1969 shocking. This article aims mostly towards these people out there who are not yet vegan, and before I start describing everything that happened throughout the festival, I’d like to speak my mind to all of you:

 It’s a lot cheaper to eat a plant based diet, a lot healthier, equally tasty and appealing, should you learn a few tricks, it helps preserve the environment and it costs no lives. Join us and you have nothing to lose!

 After this short, but (hopefully) inspiring message, it’s time to bring the whole story to the world.


 Traveling in style:

 For this festival, buses were hired, in order to take the attendants to the festival. Public transport, was also available, for those who were not interested, while a small parking lot was right outside the area of the festival, for those that wanted to travel by car or bike.


 Can’t get Greener:


 Inside the Green - a Review about the Veggie Taste FestThe festival was being held inside a nursery garden, or more like a pruning park. For a festival held in spring, there could be no better place to hold such an event, as that. Its length was enormous and it looked ideal for any type of vegan gathering, such as yoga sessions.

 Food for thought: such places should be used worldwide during spring for vegan festivals, welcoming non-vegans and educating them, showing them how it’s possible to completely leave their barbaric and non-environmental-friendly way of life.


 So what do vegans eat?

 It’s a good time to mention that the festival was held during the fasting season and right in the middle of the Easter holidays, which means that non-vegans tend to search for alternatives during that time, since they miss meat. For most of us, the taste of meat is not missed, especially the taste of cheese if you ask me (I’ve mentioned it countless times in my articles that I was never fond of cheese, so even a vegan cheese wouldn’t be appealing to me). It was a great idea to hold the festival during that time, due to the fact that the vegan society offered an alternative during the fasting season

 What really was eye-catching was the fact that a huge number of non-vegans were attending the festival and their facial expressions, while trying meatless or dairy-free products was revealing that they were actually enjoying what they were eating. It’s a hopeful image to have in the back of your head, thinking that a number of these people might actually turn into vegans, since they see no difference, regarding taste and nutrition.

 We tried a variety of foods, including meatless meat, vegan ice cream, sweets and falafel (call me “gluttonous”, but I ate 3 different types of falafel from 3 different stalls and had 2 bowls of vegan ice cream, but when it comes to these two, I’m always down!)

 Good news for many people out there! More and more companies are introducing vegan products, including big companies and breweries. Thinking that this occurred in Greece, which was not so vegan-friendly until the late 2015’s, imagine that there is a bright future ahead! A big number of companies, restaurants and breweries that were at the festival are also the first ones that will be added into the Vegan Map project, which we’re aiming to add in our site during the Easter holidays, pinpointing a large number of vegan or vegan friendly restaurants, breweries, clothing&makeup companies and much-much more from around the world, in an effort to aid vegans who are planning on traveling to another country, or even those vegans who simply want to buy vegan products for their average everyday use.

 Also, the fans of the Vegetarian Butcher will be jealous to hear that we spoke to the owners and heard that new products, not yet published in their catalogues are about to come out soon (and boy-oh they taste great!)



 Leaving the park at about 19:00 and on my way home, I was sad to be leaving such a great festival and returning back to typing articles and working on any other project I’m part of, but at least I had had a refreshing break and my stomach was full of delicious cruelty-free foods, the taste of which still remains on my tonque. Congratulations to the staff of Greek Vegans for organizing such a great festival and hopefully I’ll see most of you at the Vegan Street Fair in New York, this June!


 By: VeganHedgehog



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