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It’s the International Day of Peace today and what better way to celebrate this day, than talking about life’s biggest gift: life itself!

Before I start talking about this issue, let me say that this day is really special to me, since I am a Total Pacifist and Equalist and trully support peace and equalism between EVERYONE and by “everyone”, I mean everyone!

What does it have to do with veganism?

Veganism supports animal rights. So far so good, but did you know that throughout the years, man kind has used animals for war? Not only that, but through war, animals are considered as “acceptable losses” or at least “unavoidable losses” at some point, since war is all about feeding the ego of man! Finally, vegans support equalism between animals and humans, which means that war has no place in vegan society!


Through ancient times, violence has been “the key to supperiority”. Supperiority to what? What good does it make me to know that I am better than someone else? Was it ever really all that necessary? Why can’t we all share everything and live as one? That ego is what is mainly to blame for humans being so greedy about everything. Speaking about greed, remember about the countless times you have felt disgust towards any greedy person that still believes animals exist for his own virtues and pleasure. War destroys people and turns them into violent creatures. Even if one does not go to war and never meets the anxiety and fear of the battlefield, knowing that their country or alliance of countries is at war, makes them subconsciously anxious, violent and disastrous to other humans, animals and the whole ecosystem as well. Of course, countless people claim that war is natural for any species, since animals also fight with each other. Don’t take me wrong, but this is partly true. Bees will kill a spider, if it crawls into their nest. A female cat will try to deffend her unprotected children from any pottential threat. It’s a basic animal instinct. Wait a minute though! Humans have been said to be more intelligent and evolved than other animals. Who said that? Well, humans! The human evolution, brought people together into societies. A society is a team, in which every person has a role and their role is to keep the whole team alive and going! Human society. So far it hasn’t worked that well. Why? We keep forgetting that we are all members of the same team. Not only that, but we also act to any other living being with lack of respect, since we forget that every living being should be part of the same team. Earth is a huge machine, like a big, fast nice car. Every living being is a gear. Right now, this car is not doing very well I guess and we are to blame for most of it. Let us talk about animals, since this was the main idea of the article. How has war affected animals throughout the years?

Dogs of War

Man’s best friend”? Maybe “man’s slave”, regarding army dogs. Some might say that they are being fed well and that every soldier loves army dogs and even cry when one dies on the battlefield. Why should they be put into the stressing environment of a battlefield though? Have they ever consciously agreed to do that? Have they ever enjoyed killing an enemy soldier, by biting him to death, or risking their lives, searching for bombs, or scouting for enemies in camouflage? I don’t think that any dog would ever sign up for any of this.belarus-army-dogs Dogs love their masters. Give them love, shelter and food and they will do whatever you order them to do. Is it right to do that though? I thought that giving and hating to receive was what made a good person. Dogs of war are slaves. They are being trained, just like any other soldier (and with even harder training), they are brought to war and countless of them die every year. Through extreme training, they are taught to hate any enemy soldier, by recognizing the characteristics of the suit the enemy soldiers wear. They kill, because they are taught to, while all they want is to be loved by their owners. Is this consider love, making someone risk his life for you? Of course it sounds romantic if someone risks their lives for you, but you have to do the same and of course, you are not allowed to order them to risk their lives for you at all! What’s the most interesting part of this, is that any dog that is unable to follow orders, or gets disabled during a fight, is usually killed. Would you kill your child or best friend, because he was not obeying your orders or was unable to do so, because of some kind of disability? If yes, then do not ever say that you loved that person!


For years, people had been using horses to fight against their enemies. Of course, this tends to be an old relic nowadays, although many countries around the world still use horses for military transportation. Of course, a disabled horse is “a useless horse” and “easing it’s pain by killing it is necessary”.

Experiments on Animals

Will the bomb, custom bullet, chemical gas or grenade be too harmful, even for the one that carries it? “Let’s test it on animals!” Of course, this does not happen only during wars and during military equipment development, but also in shampoo industries and beauty industries. Another war crime that seems to be accepted by many, as any toxic gas will not be too harmful for them, so long as guinea pigs have already confirmed that it did not harm them, but only disabled their senses for a little while. “For a little while”? Imagine being kept into a room, with other people. Naked.cobaya-amb-veterinari-360x200 All that is given to you is food and water. What? Beds? You are considered to be a subject, so you have to lie on the floor I’m afraid! Then, a nice guy comes to all of you and you are all trying to walk towards him and ask him for help. No way! Transparent glass is blocking you from approaching him. You shortly realize that the room you are inside is not actually the big one, but a smaller one, made of transparent glass. Suddenly, the nice guy in the white suit presses a button and a dose of gas falls into the chamber you are kept in. You start feeling dizzy. Some of the people you are with are losing their senses. Some others die. Some of you will make it out alive. The guy smiles at you and types something on the screen of his tablet. Food falls from a small hole up above you. Congratulations. You lived for today! If this looks too far fetched to you, then understand that it’s not! This is exactly what happens during experiments on animals, or even worse than that!

Acceptable Losses(?)

This term is really ugly to mention, but for some people, this is what they have to answer, when accidentally killing innocent people or animals during a fight. Sometimes, they won’t even know if they actually killed innocent lives, as the bomb fell from up the skies.

Why celebrate peace and try to make it be true?

It’s important for people to understand that with intelligence comes great responsibility. You can’t boast about your intelligence as a human, when you treat other living beings as less valuable! Every life matters!

Without saying any more, I happily embrace the #International_Day_Of_Peace_2016 and wish that every human will stop thinking about themselves and think about the earth as a whole! That includes all people out there! This post was not written only for the vegan society, but for EVERY single human out there who has to learn about the disasters of war! Let us embrace peace! And to finish this post, I will add the words of a person that has inspired me throughout my life.

You may say that I’m a dreamer

but I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

and the world will live as one!”

credits to: The Beatles (I do not own the music used on this article and am in NO way involved with its composition or whatsoever)

by: VeganHedgehog

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