Iceberg Salad for Equality

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Iceberg Salad for Equality (?)

 A highly requested subject for discussion since the very first month of Veganville City’s creation was a discussion about the LGBTQA+ community and what it has to do with veganism.
A plentiful of people will obviously think “I’ve heard many lgbt people claiming to be vegans”
 Some others will not be able to understand how those two “worlds” relate
There will also be some “vintage” enthusiasts that have spent hundreds of hours listening to records or seen hundreds of documentaries and have talked to many people that had been at Woodstock back in the 70’s, or even better they WERE there and have more than a clear view of what the purpose of it was.
Making another dull and rather repetitive discussion would be more than something not to be encouraged, as people need to make a different approach when they have something new to say. Instead of talking about today’s Pride parades and generally any other peaceful parade, we’ll make a trip back to the 70’s, so I hope you all have already dressed properly for the occasion.
 Before starting with the history lessons, here’s something that has to be clarified and be understood. Not all of the members of the lgbt+ community are vegans while at the same time, not all vegans are members of the lgbt+ community, since some of them are supporters. However, ALL vegans should support other people’s rights (since animal rights include human rights as well. After all humans are animals too) and all of the members of the lgbt+ society should support vegans.
 Another clarification is that the article is not about any public coming out, as it has already ha-pan’d, but to explain the relation between two movements that make many people question: “what is the link between those two movements?”


August 15 1969

 The Vietnam war rages and thousands of innocent lives are constantly being killed on the battlefield, among those who fight against each other. A group of people decide that they want to change the situation and bring an end to this war and to any future battle, by singing, dancing and partying, ignoring absolutely anyone that tries to continue the madness of war.
 For three days, more than 400,000 people gather there, meet with each other, make new friends and sing against war.
 That was the concept in a nutshell and that’s how it should have worked anyway. And by “should”, we exclude any mistakes that occurred, as it’s really hard for anyone to predict what should happen if such a huge anti-war and anti-violence live was to be held ever again.
 During these 3 days, not only hippies, but also ex-army veterans, feminists and even yogi vegetarians joined the movement, supporting it loudly and becoming one.


 Although the name of the Pride parades does not immediately bring up the feeling that it’s a post-Woodstock clone, it actually is a movement where equality among humans and actually all species is being discussed and that’s mainly why many vegans (either being members of the lgbt community or supporters) attend the event and even have their own stall, informing the other attendants about veganism. Equality between people, races, religions and all species is not strictly separated between events. For instance an anti-war parade could not be closed to any other movement (such as feminists and vegans). After all, total Pacifists are equalists and SHOULD be vegans, while at the same time, vegans should also be equalists AND total Pacifists.
 To have even greater results and make a total anti-violence campaign, a great proposal would be to think of a way that would make every one understand that a huge concentration of peaceful people is about to happen and that the reason for this cause is to end all types of violence (school/home bullying, wars, anti-feminism, discriminations in each one’s political/religious/atheist beliefs and race, gender, appearance, moving deficiencies etc.) Of course the meaning of each act separately will not change, however in this case, people will be joining a bigger crowd in which talks for different issues will be held and acts against all types of violence will be taken in a strictly symbolic way (such as live concerts, turning off the lights of the concert area and turning on candles to show grief for every victim of violence etc.)
 In conclusion. The sentence “vegans ought to be equalists and pacifists” is the clue of this article and people should learn to work as a team and also respect all forms of life for greater results in society. It doesn’t mean that people will not be different and will not have different opinions. What it means is that by accepting other people and by not being violent towards animals, people can finally use their great minds in order to offer prosperity to both their kind and the planet as a whole. Last, but not least, equality should also be something to practice every single day and not only when attending to an equality -themed- event, which means that acts of violence do not make people true supporters of equalism, but instead make them supporters of violence. It’s okay to make mistakes in life, so long as you decide to change and make yours and others’ lives better. Species are not so similar, yet they are not so different!


By: VeganHedgehog

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