“Herbie” Goes “Vegan”

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This article is mainly addressed to the fans of automobiles and especially those who are concerned about the environment and ecology. Do you remember the “Beatle”, which was Volkswagen’s vehicle that changed the history of cars? Soon, you will be able to see VW’s new “baby” that is going to change the future and of course… be able to boast about being there when it came out in every VW showroom! Now of course, do not expect the new car to be another “Beatle” (a.k.a. “Herbie”), but definitely expect it to be revolutionary and… “vegan”… -sorry- I meant eco-friendly*, as it is going to be fully electric and will not consume any other source of energy that can be harmful to the environment!

Similar cars, such as its “compatriot”, the mighty BMW i3, or their American sexy competitors, the Tesla Motors vehicles are also electric and have brought countless innovations to the surface, making them already revolutionary and antagonistic to any company trying to leave their gas roots and going electric. However, the staff of Volkswagen are determined that their new model will bring THE revolution in the world of cars, meaning that they definitely have an ace up their sleeves for sure!

A few teaser photos have already been leaked on the internet and the final model is expected to be seen at the Paris Motor Show of 2016! So far, not many details have been given to the public, making it be a huge anticipation for any motor-lover. However, since Volkswagen gave us such big a promise to create a huge innovation, we expect nothing less!

Last but not least, let it be said that the staff of Volkswagen mentioned that the concept work we saw on the pictures is part of research, so expect the final product to differ from little to a lot, comparing to what you’ve seen so far!

Let’s hope that in the near future, there will also be truly “vegan” vehicles and roads for them to ride on, making sure that no animal will be in danger while accidentally walking on a piece of that road. This had been something I wanted to say for a long time and hopefully ideas will come out soon.



For more information visit ====> http://www.volkswagen-me.com/en-vwme.html <====



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