Green Tea With Almond Milk

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In love with fitness and in search of a good way to maintain your body in shape, while enjoying a healthy, natural energy drink? Try out a green tea with almond milk!
Recently, I happened to learn about a diet that includes drinking that certain drink, in order to feel less hungry and more energetic. Of course I decided to try it out immediately and now finally decided to show you the few easy steps you will have to follow in order to make yourself some tea that will keep your energy high and your hunger low throughout the day! No particular skills are needed! The quantity that will be made with the ingredients listed above is aprox. 6 cups, so this is just a typical number that could be affected by other parameters (such as: the type of cups you are using etc.)

TIME: 7min

-1L almond milk
-2 tablespoons original green tea


Boil some water at 70°C. Add the grean tea inside the pot you will be using, making sure that the leaves will only get wet, but not get into the drink. Leave for 2 minutes
Add the almond milk and start stirring up.
Your tea is ready.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Although for some people, that combination could be benefitial and healthy, there are certain types of people who should not drink that type of tea, at least not as a daily habbit! Please consult a dietologist before deciding whether to make some tea with almond milk or not.


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