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Although drinking energy drinks is not necessary if you are vegan, however, there are these days when you simply can’t get out of bed. Having heard about taurine, you wonder whether your favorite energy drink is vegan or not.

First of all, let us talk about taurine. It once used to be an animal product, but after the energy drinks became popular and the demand for more energy drinks increased, industries started developing synthetic taurine, which is 100% vegan and has nothing to do with animals.

Which energy drinks contain synthetic taurine and have no animal products and/or are not tested on animals?

I made some research and here are the findings:

The first 5 of the energy drinks, I read about on the official site of PETA ( and it didn’t surprise me at all about most of these brands, that they would actually go vegan and decide to use synthetic taurine. I also looked at other sites and even sent a few mails, in order to bring up only the BEST and most reliable information I could dig up! Which products of these companies are vegan? Here’s the list:

Red Bull

The energy drink that brought taurine to the mainstream. Its high, but sustainable content in caffeine, sugar and taurine, make this drink really strong for someone that is new to energy drinks that contain taurine. Ired-bullt also comes in different tastes and types (such as low carb and zero sugar) for those who want something more than just an energy drink.   I used to drink the light version of the drink once. Its fruity taste is what makes it easily be recognized. It’s pleasant, refreshing and a good companion for the times that you need a boost!




Sambazon Amazon Energy


 For those of you who don’t know about Shambazon, this company is a privately held company, based in San Clemente, California, creating various foods and beverages, mostly based on açai, a tasty and really healthy superfruit. All Sambazon products are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and fair trade. As for the energy drinks, to your great surprise, yovlx-1447c_1zu will find out that they are taurine-free(!) and its taste, based on what I’ve heard from friends, is awesome! For those of you who haven’t had the chance to get one of these, visit , as it’s probably the only suggested way to find nearby shops that sell it or any other products of that company.

Monster Energy Drink

The Monster Energy company is one of the first energy drink companies that decided to add low carb dietry drinks to their list. It’s also one of the companies that have been rewarded countless times for the power their drinks give to athletes, musicians, bodybuilders, racers and more.  monster As an athlete, I should let you know that adding 3 fingers of Low Carb Monster Energy, in a glass of lemonade or orange juice, early in the morning, during my leg days or during the days I would exercise my abs, was my formula for boosting my metabolism and burning extra fat every time I would workout. Not long ago, I decided to send an e-mail to that company and ask them about which of their products were vegan. The answer I got was this:




If you are a fan of Monster Energy, then you will probably be relieved that your favorite energy drink is in the list of the energy drinks that are suitable for vegans! (thank God, my favorite Rossi flavor is vegan!)



Rockstar Energy Drink



Another cool energy drink with a really big fanbase. Rockstar Energy offers a variety of energy drinks (containing taurine of course), including a low carb version for those who are interested. I remember having tried them back in the days when they launched a big amount of Rockstar Energy drinks dedicated to Jorge Lorenzo. I t didn’t take long for me to find out whether these energy drinks were suitable for vegans, as this popped right on my screen, when searching through their FAQ page, as well as reading some more articles, including the one I found on ! Here’s what you will see if you search for whether their drinks are suitable for vegans:



Kombucha Wonder Drink

I didn’t know much about this drink. I only knew that Kombucha was some kind of herbal drink. I found the Kombucha Wonder Drink on and decided to find more about it, in order for my list to be complete. Apparently, Kombucha can be bought online, or through any nearby store, provided it works with that company. If you’re interested for more information, you can visit them at






 Most of you know Lucozade through the countless stores selling these sweet juices. For us, being born in the 90s-2000s, Lucozade was introduced through Lara Croft. Most people, however, don’t know that this energy drink came out as a healing benefactor in many British hospitals back in 1927 and was brought into the mainstream during the 80s and 90s. By searching through their FAQ page, I found out that their drinks are 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans and that they do not use animals and/or their products and that they don’t experiment on animals. That’s a relief, considering Lara was not that much of a vegan during that dyno fight… (90s kids will understand).




I absolutely love this one and it was a relief to find out through their FAQ page that their beverages are suitable for vegans and vegetarians!  1103-3694cca6 There’s really not much to say about these drinks, rather than praise their awesome taste and the benefits of the Açai. I have found them in a few stores in my area, but you might wanna take a look at their page to get more information, regarding how to get to taste one of them. For more information, visit their website on:

I didn’t find my favorite energy drink in this article


 Don’t worry! I couldn’t possibly know all of the energy drinks out there in order to mail them all at once! Some good ways for you to find out about their contents is to either do your own research, or name me the name of the energy drink you are interested in, on the comment section below and I will make sure to personally find information on it!

Should I be drinking energy drinks?

 So you have found out that these brands have drinks suitable for vegans, but are not quite sure whether you should start drinking energy drinks. My advice is to do what you think is the best, as there is no other advice regarding that matter. If you feel like you have enough energy stored in your body, then you should absolutely not drink any energy drink, especially those that contain taurine, as it’s a waste of money at that certain moment that you are still energetic. If however you start feeling too tired and need to stimulate your body and get your engines going, then yes! Go for an energy drink and make sure you enjoy it first of all!

What are my alternatives?

 Still wanna fight tiredness the old fashioned way? Here are some cool tips that will get you back in the game in no time!

Chocolate & Banana Protein Shake

banana-smoothieEspecially for those of you that work out, this is a MUST!!!!! I use to drink one of those as a breakfast meal, on my chest training days and I should let you know that both the taste and the benefits are great! Is it vegan? Of course it is, provided you only use chocolate powder, a banana and water or almond/soya/coconut milk. Is it healthy? Yeah! Is it tasty? I Guarantee!

Black Coffee


For vegan gamers, no, this is not a reference to Bioshock Infinite! However, black coffee is a great wake-up call and offers you energy for a very long time. For someone that is not under lots of pressure due to work or a busy schedule, this one is probably the best solution. Of course, I will take for granted that you know how to make your coffee be suitable for vegans, so no more explanations here!

Vegan Smoothie

Do you remember our talk about the superfruits? The ones that boost you and make sure that they do it the healthy way? Why not make a homemade energy drink? You already know the way, but just can’t quite remember! Remember the last time you added goji berries or guarana seeds or açai berries into your homemade juice or smoothie? You don’t have to do anything else to make an awesome homemade energy drink, except if you want to add a little coffee to make it stronger, but make sure you sweeten it a little by using bananas!img_8765

Some more advice given…

Get proper restypnos2-240x183

Why stay up until late, when you have a lot of work to do in the morning? Sleep early today and enjoy your day off when its time comes! Let your own body give you the energy you need!


15 minutes of yoga early in the morning can give you lots of strength and also make you fit! Why not try it, starting today?


In conclusion, energy drinks help you stimulate your body and neural network and they are a cool companion to have with, when on a busy schedule, plus many brands sell products suitable for vegans, but whether you use them or not is totally up to you!

by: VeganHedgehog

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