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    I wonder… Is vegan diet safe?

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    Dear Petros,
    Thank you for sharing your concerns with us!
    Since fruits and vegetables are considered a healthy meal and their consumption is strongly recommended by almost everyone, then a sustainable and balanced vegan diet is not only healthy, but eco-friendly as well! Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables (only) can sustain your body and boost your metabolism, against fatigue, a seasonal cold and even heart disease and cancer.
    By consulting your dietician on which fruits and vegetables to consume and on which days, you can achieve your goal on turning your diet into a 100% vegan diet! Also, bare in mind that we, the staff of Veganville City would not be promoting veganism and would not be posting ANY of the recipes, unless they were proven to be healthy, as we strongly support healthy eating and the healthy way of life in general.
    We appreciate anyone’s concerns regarding veganism and ecology, so your feedback will be also appreciated. Thank you once more for contacting us and sharing your concerns in public. For any other question you might have, you could either use our public forum and get the answers you are looking for from either us or other users, or contact us via this form: http://veganvillecity.com/contact-u/
    Should there be any other questions you might have, we shall be more than glad to assist you at any time! We hope that we answered your question.

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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