What is the purpose of this website?

The main purpose of Veganville City is to bring vegans and non-vegans together, educating non-vegans into what truly veganism is, helping newbie vegans into simple methods of adapting to their new way of life and of course, sharing new information for everyone and providing support to animals at the same time, by reporting animal abuse(s), animal missing case(s) and/or animals in need of adoption, shelter or treatment.


Who is George Valentine, a.k.a. VeganHedgehog?

The respective owner and main administrator of this website, George Valentine, a.k.a. VeganHedgehog, is an actor, singer, author and activist that decided to create this webpage, after being asked by many friends and fans of his. Loving to help others in their quest for achieving veganism in the highest level possible, he spends his time educating people interested in veganism and helping animals in need. Already known as a Total-Pacifist and an lgbtqa+ supporter, he supports the alternative & healthy way of life and thinking, while strongly encouraging people to communicate with each other in order to solve their problems.


Is this page friendly to malzoans too?

Since the main purpose of the website is to educate people, apart from contributing in animal treatment and rescue, malzoans are accepted and welcome to ask any question, by either contacting us, or posting their opinion in public through our forums, so long as they respect the morals of veganism and do not try to practice trolling or any other type of abuse against the members of our society. For this reason,

  1. A) Posting anti-vegan quotes or memes will result in the post being deleted and the person uploading the photo being permanently blocked (for reporting a user, please contact us immediately).
  2. B) Threatening the members in the forums or any animal in general. (That applies for anyone, as threatening someone is not encouraged for a peaceful society).
  3. C) Uploading photos of either torturing or killing animals. Uploading such photos in order to report an issue is accepted and EVERY user is encouraged to use the Report Animal Abuse® function of our website in order to report an incident. However, uploading a photo that encourages the abuse of animals in any way and supporting that opinion, will be a punishable action and legal action will be taken against the person abusing the animal.


Why is this website using cookies? Is my computer safe?

To offer a better experience to everyone, usage of cookies is encouraged. The page is also monitored by anti-virus programs which are being updated and checked on a daily basis. However, should you notice any problem while surfing through our website, you are encouraged to report it to us immediately, so that action is taken and the problem gets fixed! We are trying to offer you the best experience possible, so please contact us, should anything bother you.

Why are the news-articles on a separate section?

Articles, about sharing ideas in general ought to be in a different section, as they do not always refer to something that is new to the world, hence in order to help you find what’s new easier, we took the liberty of separating those two columns so that you can always find what you are looking for, clicking as less as possible!


News and updates?

Veganville City, as a concept involves too many ideas, which will be materialized and included into future updates. Veganville City is more than a webpage. It’s a living society and since living societies have to change constantly, then so does Veganville City. Should you have any idea for future installments, or difficulty with any of our newly installed functions, please let us know. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get information about anything new.










Is a vegan diet safe for my health?

as proven by many scientists around the world, a consumption of a wide rage of non-animal products, not only benefits your body, but also is a way of preventing many diseases. However, like all diets, you should start it, consulting your dietitian first, as each person’s needs in vitamins and other minerals are different, hence the variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and other non-animal products each vegan has to consume on their daily basis. Veganville City’s staff are trying their best to only share any information that will be a hundred percent valid, as each one’s health is in our greater concern!


I have heard that consuming meat is important for my health. Will abstaining from it cause any unwanted side-effects to my health and/or body?

A wide variety of studies have confirmed that meat is actually a threat to a person’s health. Consulting a dietitian, however for ANY type of diet you are about to follow is important, as each person’s body, hence metabolism differs. Should you feel, however that you still have questions on this matter, you could share your thoughts on our forums and ask for proof, should it be medical book references, actual experimentation data from any major university around the world, that has been publicized and any other answer you might need.  


Is there a big amount of people supporting veganism?

As of 2014, when veganism was introduced into the mainstream, there has been a huge increase in the numbers of vegans, with 360% increases over the already existing number of vegans, over the last 10 years. In the U.S., alone, the number of vegans as of 2016 is 1 million and another 7.2 million people are following a vegetarian-based diet. Why not be a part of the vegan movement yourself?


I am interested in becoming a vegan myself, but I am still worried about any negative side-effects this diet might cause to my health.

Each person has certain needs, as each organism is different. A vegan diet has been scientifically proven not to be of harm to one’s organism. However, consulting your dietitian is of great importance, before starting ANY diet, including a vegan or vegetarian-based diet.


Where can I find vegan recipes, if I am about to start a vegan diet?

Almost every vegan blog or website contains a column with vegan recipes. As for Veganville City, we always make sure that not a week passes without updating our recipes column for every type of vegan, want it be Raw Vegans, Strict Vegans, Not Strict Vegans, even Vegetarians trying to become Vegans. Our recipes demonstrate easy steps for anyone to cook a delicious and nutritious meal, without using any animal products or by-products


Why should I become vegan?

Veganism does not only mean abstaining from eating meat and abusing animals in any way. It is also a means of preserving the ecosystem, hence the planet as a whole. Veganism is an environmental-friendly movement, trying to make humans more eco-friendly.


Does Veganville City support ecology?

One of the main concepts of Veganville City was to make people aware of the ecological potential veganism offers and of the environmental benefits of veganism. To us, ecology is more than a trend or a lifestyle. It’s a matter of huge importance.


I would like to share my ideas/opinions. How can I do that?

The main principal of Veganville City is to give users the freedom of expression. You could either share your ideas, through commenting to any of our posts, or creating your own post inside our forums and discuss your opinions with others. You can even contact us directly and share your ideas, opinions or concerns. Veganville City is all about support and equality, so feel free to share any of your thoughts with us and we will be delighted to hear from you any time!