Citrus Candlelights – Make It On Your Own

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 Romantic fancy dinners, swanky music, good old vegan-brewed wine, flashy dishes perfectly arranged on the table and… something is missing right? A Candlelight!

 You have spent hundreds of hours looking for the perfect set of candles to make the atmosphere look warmer and at the same time have been keeping an eye on the ingredients they are made of, trying to buy something that is both vegan AND eco-friendly (NOTE: I tend to include veganism into the ecologists movement, since being eco-friendly SHOULD mean that you are vegan as well, however, speaking of candles, buying a set of candles that’s not “bee-made”, doesn’t guarantee that its emissions will not affect the atmosphere). You are also trying to find something that will look fancy at the same time. The answer is: CITRUS PEELING.

 While it might sound cheap and not fancy at all, using your very own creativity and will to make something great, will turn this peeling from a 0$ peeling to a great candle that will be environmental friendly as well (which makes it even more valuable).

 No particular skills are needed, except from a little patience while taking off the peel and a little imagination to make it look nice. I hope you’re more than ready!



 -First, you will have to find a nice-looking citrus fruit. The size does not matter that much, but make sure it’s not too small or too big. A very small citrus fruit will result in

 -After finding out which fruit to use, slice it into two.

 -Carefully peel the fruit out of the rind

 -Twist the little piece of stuff that you will find at the center of the bowl you’ve just made, in order to make a wick.

 -Fill the ¾ of the bowl with olive oil

 -Put your candle into a bowl full of water. That way, not only will it look nice, as the candle will peacefully be moving around the bowl, but it will also be a safe and easy way for you to turn the light off, once your dinner is over.


 There you have it! Your candle is ready. Make sure to visit our recipes section to find a cool meal for your dinner, or a great juice or protein shake, for you to read your book, accompanied by the light of your homemade candle.


 By: VeganHedgehog


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