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Countless times the media have told you to kill mosquitoes, as they can kill you if you don’t first. The reason they can cause death to you? Malaria.

Wait a minute though!


What is really the truth behind malaria? How is it possible for you or someone you care about get malaria? And more important, are all mosquitoes dangerous?

Malaria is a disease that is mainly transferred into one’s blood through the bite of a mosquito. Until now, it looks like mosquitos are really dangerous. What if you were told that only female mosquitos bite for blood? Would you go out killing any mosquito you found or would you ask them about their gender? And what if you found out the source that brings them to you, as well as their reason of existence?

Let us start with the reason they exist. They are insects and like most insects, they do certain things. The males help plants reproduce, through carrying pollen from one flower to another, while the females bring life to the next generation of mosquitos. How? By biting the blood of humans or animals. They need food and they need a lot of it. Blood contains a very important vitamin that they need in order to make their eggs strong.

Are they useful and why? According to studies by researchers of the Centre of Global Health and Infectious Diseases, University of Notre Dame, Indiana and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bethesda Mayland, they have all come to the conclusion that mosquitoes are particularly useful, as those who are not infected with malaria can cause immunity to the host, for later encounters with an infected mosquito.

Take your time and see things for yourself. According to scientists, the most dangerous mosquitos are those that appear during the end of the summer. Why? Because they have consumed lots of blood and might have been infected from a sick animal or human.

Should I kill a mosquito if it tries to feed on me? Answer it yourself. Would you want to be killed by a cow, if you tried to turn it into a juicy burger, back in the days you still were a meat eater and thought meat was the way of survival? Absolutely not! Then why kill an animal that tries to feed on you? There are ways of preventing it from biting you, if you are afraid that it might kill you, but before telling you useful advice and naming famous vegan repellant practices, you might need to know a little secret: All adult mosquitoes can drink nectar.

Of course most of the female mosquitoes cannot easily store up enough sugar into their body and get the exact vitamins they need in order to produce their eggs fast, so they prefer a fast way in order to get the job done and this is why they bite other living beings for blood. It’s the fastest way to get to what they need. Having said that, let me now remind you of the countless times they have asked you “what do vegans eat if they do not eat meat and animal products?”

Can a female mosquito go vegan? Absolutely! What they need is vitamins and minerals stored into anything that contains glucose. That includes fruits, natural juices, or juices in general, nectar and of course, sugar!

I do not expect all of you to be so calm when a mosquito gets into your room. Personally, when that happens I usually won’t mind at all. But not all of you can be so calm, so here I am going to give you a few advice on how to repel them, but not harm them.

Many of us have fears on certain insects and this is natural. When you see an organism that has more than a pair of eyes or legs, you usually tend to fear it. I fear spiders for instance. For years I would usually feel my body getting cold when a spider would appear in front of me at school or on television. That’s until I found out what attracts them. They need to feed on insects (mostly). They are also afraid of humans and bigger animals. Tidy your room, just like I do and no spider will walk inside, as they won’t be able to find any insect to eat. I understand how many of you feel about mosquitoes, having said that, so here are a few things you might want to check:

Mosquitoes love beer and blood cocktails! It’s true! Drinking beer attracts mosquitoes, as more CO2 emits out of your body. CO2 is what actually attracts female mosquitoes on you, meaning that those who emit more of that are more likely to be the center of attention of any mosquito lady that needs to get a drink.

Mosquitoes love athletes! It’s not like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larisa Latynina, or Mark Spitz would attract every mosquito on them. At least not while taking a relaxing walk. Like said above, a mosquito will smell the CO2 on someone, so while exercising, you are more likely to attract a mosquito, due to higher emissions of CO2.

Go badass and do it like in the movies! A thirsty lady. A human victim. A kill for survival and of course… a fatal weapon with a really characteristic smell… Garlic. Does that setting remind you of a movie you’ve seen recently or in the past? Well, Edward Cullen and his family are vegetarians and actually all vampires are just a myth, so you are not about to meet any, but if you do, try not to have eaten anything that contains garlic! The smell of garlic displeases sexy_vampireorganisms that feed on blood, talking about mosquitoes and they cannot stand it. Eat garlic on a daily basis, as it lowers your blood pressure, immediately lowering the emission of CO2 as well! Do not overdo it, especially if your blood pressure is already too low and remember that garlic is not only good for repelling mosquitoes, but good for your heart as well.

Use suggested vegan repellants! Countless companies have created repellants that do not harm insects, but keep them away from you. Using one of these guarantees that you will be safe.

Protect the environment and the environment will protect you! It’s maybe the most important parameter you should have in mind, as it not only will help keeping mosquitoes away from you, but will also benefit every living organism as well! Human activity destroys the planet, when the resources being used are harmful to the environment. The Greenhouse Effect is responsible for Global Warming. Most insects like warm environments, as they cannot easily tolerate the cold. Take this one seriously though! If immediate action, for protecting the environment and reducing the impact of the Greenhouse Effect is not taken, more than a mosquito bite will occur !

In conclusion, these insects are not as mighty as many people might think. They might have a really annoying sound, which is too annoying especially when they fly next to your ear at night, when you are trying to get some sleep and they might annoy you when they bite you, but killing them is really not a solution and hating them is also absolutely not a solution.

By: VeganHedgehog

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