I am sure you probably came to this site, already knowing what it is about, but just to make sure, let us talk about both veganism in a nutshell and the owner of this page.


VEGANISM: How many times have you come across a funny meme criticizing vegans? I know! Me too! Veganism is not about telling others what to do. It is about trying to do our very best as individuals and as a team. Having said that, here is the basic description of a vegan: A vegan is a person that practices both abstaining from the use of animal products, mostly in diet and rejecting the commodity status of animals. There are many categories, based on the diet or the products used by vegans, such as Strict Vegans and Non-strict Vegans.


OWNER: Time to introduce myself. I am George Valentine (a.k.a. Admin: Hedgehog) and this is my story:

I am a singer, actor, ex-weightlifter, photo-model,author and also an activist. During the age of 12, I took part in a Walt Disney movie, called “Brother Bear”, playing as Koda, the bear (on the Greek Version). This was probably the first step for me to become vegan in the future. I always loved animals, or so I thought. I hated when someone would kill a wild animal for pleasure and hang it as a trophy and I would also hate animal abuse. During the years, that emotion grew stronger. I did my own research, not so long ago, and decided to go fully vegan and help animals and people who are thinking about starting this way of life. This page is about me sharing things with you, regarding veganism.





I was always not so fond of studying, or being made to study. Learning something by heart, “because you have to” is boring and in the end, nothing stays in your memory for long, except from the parts you actually felt like learning, because they were interesting to you. I wanted a smart and interesting concept for this page, in order to give the world something new and innovative. Then it popped right out of my head! A forum. A “city”, in which every single user will be a citizen. A forum in which everyone can share ideas, read articles about veganism, find recipes for easy vegan cooking and much more.



Without wasting more of your precious time…


…and have a wonderful and educating experience!


What are you waiting for? Enter the beautiful world of Veganville City NOW!